Frequently Asked Questions About Dissolve of Acumen Advisors

1. How does the dissolve affect our relationship with Acumen Advisors?

As of May 1, 2012 Acumen Advisors has dissolved and formed two separate firms.  Full Sail Partners is a team that has grown out of Acumen Advisors and is responsible for servicing your account. This is the team formerly ISG, Kevin O’Connor and IVS, Ron Hupp.  In almost every instance you will continue to work with the same dynamic team you have worked with in the past. All services you previously received will continue to be available.   

We welcome you to view our new website,, and learn about our new direction. Full Sail Partners corporate culture will be focused on how we can improve the value of our clients’ business. With our client-centric approach you will begin to see an expansion of new services.  We will also offer free webinars with industry experts, blog articles, and training videos to help your firm reach maximum efficiency.

2. Why did I receive an email from Acuity Business Solutions saying they represented us?

As a part of the dissolve, two firms formed.  Acumen Advisors’ former President mistakenly sent emails to firms that were assigned to many other partners due to a search criteria error.  A retraction email was sent to firms an hour after the initial email. Unfortunately, this significant oversight has caused confusion.  Full Sail Partners, Ltd. is responsible for the future servicing of your firms account management and servicing your firm's needs. Their firm has assured us that you will no longer receive future correspondence.  Should this occur, please bring it to the attention of the sender and Dale Busbey at  We value you as clients and want to make sure we minimize the amount of unnecessary emails you receive. 

3. Who is a part of the Full Sail Partner team and who do I call?

Full Sail Partners is committed to ensuring a smooth transition of your account. For the most part, you should be able to reach out to the same individuals you had been working with. In addition to the original ISG team, we have also brought aboard some new team members that were a part of Acumen Advisors.  If a transition to a new team member was required as part of the restructuring, you will be contacted directly by our team to discuss steps forward.  Profiles of our staff are on our website. Our email convention is first initial and then last name followed by There is also our new toll free number at 888.552.5535, which provides a directory of staff by name. A list of team members with phone extensions is available on the website.

If you have general questions or are not sure who to contact, please contact Dale Busbey at or 888.552.5535 ext. 107.

4. What is the status of the contracts and relationship that I had with Acumen Advisors?

Full Sail Partners will honor all of your contracts that are in good standing with Acumen Advisors, and will assume all responsibility for managing your account effective May 1, 2012. All services invoiced through April 30, 2012 will be invoiced through Acumen Advisors and should be paid directly to Acumen Advisors as indicated on the invoice. If your firm has an open contract with Acumen Advisors, it will continue uninterrupted.

To request a new W-9 forms from Full Sail Partners, please fill out the form to the left and indicate in the notes "W-9 Request" and any additional needs.  Additional we ask that you setup a “new” vendor profile for Full Sail Partners to process payments invoiced by our firm. Additionally, Full Sail Partners will assume all of the responsibilities with Deltek to be your partner firm including any licensing questions, series upgrades, and on-going Vision maintenance.

We are working quickly to provide your firm a new contract for any current project that is underway. If you have immediate service needs and need to establish a new contract, please email  We will set-up a General Services Agreement so you can begin to move forward with your consultant.

Our corporate and billing headquarters’ address is located:

Full Sail Partners, Ltd.
1815 Central Park Drive
Unit 774000-368
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Below is a quick list of common needs from our firm and the contact person:

Account Management
Dale Busbey | 888.552.5535 x107

Scott Seal | 888.552.5535 x118

Ron Hupp | 888.552.5535 x104

5. What additional action should I take?

  1. If you have immediate service needs and need to establish a new contract, please email  We will set-up a General Services Agreement so you can begin to move forward with your consultant.
  2. If you have not already spoken to a Full Sail staff member and have additional questions, we ask that you send those inquiries to  Additional information will be provided through our website, social media, and emails in the coming months.
  3. Please ask your internal IT staff to add to your safe email list company-wide.