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Ten Traits of a Great Seller

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on Wed, Sep 21, 2016 @ 11:34 AM


Traits_of_a_Good_Seller_2.pngSales is a tough industry where success is measured by attaining goals and quotas. So why are some sales people more successful than others? The reality is, selling and buying are not completely an intellectual process and actually requires building an emotional relationship. In order for you to be a great seller, several of these personality traits should characterize you.

  1. Visionary – Seeing the future and the big picture is a key to being successful in sales. More importantly, they do not allow where they are today to determine where they are going in the future.
  2. Ambitious – Top sellers have personal drive and don’t wait for someone else to tell them to do something. They know there is no time to wait for the next opportunity to come along, but that they need to be actively seeking more opportunities.
  3. Enthusiastic – It’s hard to sell anything if you’re not excited about the product. In fact, there might be some situations where your product is inferior to the competition. But if you’re more passionate about your product it’s more likely the buyer is going to be convinced to purchase from you.
  4. Persistence – The length of a sales cycle is different for every product and other outside factors such as under-motivated decision makers. Top sellers are tenacious. They know how to stay top-of-mind with decision makers so that when they finally decide to move forward, they’re there to close the deal.
  5. Conscientious – This is a personality trait used to describe a person that is efficient and well organized. Conscientious sales people are also motivated and able to keep moving forward after facing rejection.
  6. Active Listener – It’s hard to know the challenges a client faces without them explaining them. An active listener helps drive the conversation so everyone involved is able to come to a mutual understanding about the challenge at hand. Therefore, great salespeople take the time to understand the challenge from the client’s perspective. They stay focused on the conversation and make notes  
  7. Ask the Right Questions – There’s always multiple ways to ask a question, but choosing the right wording is critical to getting the right answer. “How’s business going?” will get a simple answer. Whereas, “What’s your biggest challenge this year?” can create a conversation.
  8. Problem Solvers – Sales people are often called solution engineers and for good purpose. Sellers need to know how their product solves the problem or problems the client is facing. Additionally, they need to be able to demonstrate how the solution can solve a problem.
  9. Assertive – When going through the sales process, sales people can become passive or overly aggressive. This is a huge mistake and can quickly dissuade a prospect. Assertive sales people use conversation to understand what’s going on so they know how to properly approach the situation to keep the sale process moving forward.
  10. Create Value – There’s common saying about gifted sales peoples, “he/she could sell ice to an Eskimo.” In most terms, this means they are smooth talkers. However, what if the ice they are selling is perfectly shaped to build an igloo? Now the ice has more value to an Eskimo.

Which Traits of a Seller Do You Have?

It’s time to take your sales to the next level! Start selling more by first identifying the personality traits you already possess. Next, identify ways to improve on the traits you lack or need to hone. 

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