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5 Elements for Effective Knowledge Sharing

Posted by Graham Gardner on Thu, Sep 10, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

Knowledge Sharing GraphicAs white-collar professionals, our individual skillsets are built upon our cognitive abilities. We spend years adding new skills and competencies to our wheelhouse by absorbing tidbits of information from every facet of our daily lives. Think hard enough and I am sure you can identify personal, professional and communal experiences that have factored in to your eventual expertise. So how do we capture this intellectual information and pass it on to our coworkers? This knowledge sharing conundrum stumps many firms.

The simple fact that you are reading this blog, and have identified the challenges of knowledge sharing within your organization, gives you an advantage over the average professional.

The Contributing Factors for Effective Knowledge Sharing

  1. Expression: Knowledge is power. However, to convey this power to our cohorts, we need to be able to describe the information clearly and accurately.
  2. Awareness: The recipient must be aware that the knowledge is available and be willing to make an active effort to absorb the information and seek clarification where needed.
  3. Availability: The knowledge recipient and the knowledge provider must have availability to work together to clarify and provide further explanation to complex issues.
  4. Direction: The wealth of knowledge being shared was likely gathered over a long productive career. With that said, do not underestimate the importance of transferring this data in clearly defined, differentiated, segments that allow the recipient to comprehend the information accurately and completely. Avoiding information overload will allow this entire process to be less intrusive and run smoother.
  5. Completeness: This knowledge is often complex and multifaceted. In order to convey this knowledge accurately, it is vital to provide a complete and holistic picture. Often the ‘why’ is just as important as the ‘what.’   

Applying Knowledge Sharing Concepts to Your Business

I challenge each reader of this blog to self-examine and ask yourself: is your organization doing everything possible to foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing? If not, why? If so, what impact has this knowledge sharing had on your firm growth? The reality of this question can often be hard to come to terms with.

Social collaboration requires buy-in from the entire organization. Understanding the factors in play here can be as rudimentary as examining the makeup of our organization and understanding the different generational values in play.


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Join the 21st Century and Get More Social with Deltek Kona

Posted by Rana Blair on Wed, May 28, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

In the last 200 years we’ve developed a variety of methods for communicating with one another.  We’ve taken the journey from individual letters delivered by horse to instant mass communication.  How can things get any more social than that? Deltek Kona, that's how!

Being ‘social’ involves more than just communicating and working together. Merriam-Webster defines social as relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other”. 

The key phrases “talking to” and “doing enjoyable things with” only seem to reference something outside of the workplace.  In the 1980s, the focus was on output and productivity.  In the decades that followed, we labored to attain the ever elusive ‘work-life balance’.  In the new millennium, we strive toward contributing fully in our work and personal lives without restrictions of time and space.  We want to enjoy ALL of our life.

get more social, deltek konaDeltek Kona, released in spring 2012, combines all that we know about working together with the best methods of communication.  It presents that blend to us allowing us to talk to each other AND do enjoyable things with each other across our work and personal lives.  Guided by the principles of confluence, immersion, accessibility, and digestibility; the innovators at Deltek Kona have found a way to leverage the best of all the communication tools developed in the past 50 centuries (not a typo: we still draw on walls to convey our thoughts) to help us interact in a more social and enjoyable way today. 

How does Deltek Kona help us get more social?

Use Deltek Kona to Create a Hometown

Kona is organized around context specific spaces or groups.  Each space is formed with a level of focus appropriate for its purpose.  There are no limits to the number of spaces an individual can belong to or the number of members in any one space.  Each space landing page is the “hometown” for the group allowing members to participate in and view interactions that are taking place.  Over time, users begin to become acquainted with each other’s concerns, thought processes, and involvements.

Enhancing Personal Interaction

Individual users may have more than one group in common across work and personal interests.  Knowing more about what you have in common with others allows you to get more social with them as individuals.  The ability to create and store one-on-one conversations with people in your Kona network allows users continuity and privacy even when time and distance are barriers to traditional communication methods.

There are times when we are having a conversation in a group but need to direct our comments to a particular person.  Deltek Kona incorporates “@mention” functionality to expand the personal contact in the context specific discussion. Nothing encourages us to communicate more than feeling like we are being listened to and understood.

Eliminating Polarization

Deltek Kona was built to be free.  Users can enhance their organizational experience with an upgraded account.  Regardless of the type of account, the experience and interaction is the same. This removes the barriers of participation across all members of the group and continues the social experience as no one is barred from participation because they must pay.  This allows us to use Kona for all sorts of purposes, from family reunions, to political organizations, to multi-firm business projects.

Deltek Kona further removes barriers by elimination of platform dependencies.  The Kona software works the same on any operating system and internet browser.  The accessibility extends to the mobile platform where users continue to get more social from wherever they are and whenever they want to. 

Increasing Personal choice

One of the favored features of the Deltek Kona product is its flexibility with the individual users’ need to digest information and connect on in his or her own time.  From the moment one opens the Kona product, it is clear which items take priority.  A user can access a conversation with 20 unviewed in-line comments and get a clear picture within minutes.  This is the first step in creating an enjoyable social experience when working with a group.

Because the Kona team recognizes that email has its merits, they’ve enabled the individual to decide how much or little Kona activity is transferred to email.  The possibilities to limit but not eliminate are almost endless for the individual user.  Being able to choose which groups to get more social with enhances the interactions that are wanted.

With much of our productivity arising from collaborative efforts conducted across vast geographic spaces, we meet and interact with more people than ever.  The Deltek Kona tool allows us to stay informed and control the inflow of information leading to a more relaxed experience.  When we remove unnecessary stressors, we naturally take time to get more social and find common ground with those around us.  Sign-up for Deltek Kona today and join the 21st Century’s answer to communicating, socializing, and getting things done.


Deltek Kona, Social Collaboration




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Deltek Kona Calendar Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Posted by Sean Keller on Thu, Jul 18, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

Deltek Kona is a cloud-based social collaboration and productivity platform that empowers individuals and groups to connect, organize and get things done together. Through the use of collaborative spaces, users have the ability to coordinate, share, and schedule events or tasks with teams and groups.

Groups that use Kona vary from companies to individuals. Companies communicate with team members, internal and external, on company initiatives, proposals submissions, and the execution of projects every day.  Individuals involved in organizations and personal groups need a way to coordinate efforts among participants.  You may find yourself in both of these circles.  No matter if you are a company or individual, each find Kona brings the conversation, tasks assignments, and files needed to a centralized space.

Most companies and individuals are already accustom to viewing their calendar in Outlook (Entourage for Mac) or Google. The good news with Kona is you can integrate the Kona web calendar into other calendar applications.  For today's example we will walk you through viewing your Kona calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2013. This allows you to see the Kona calendar along with any calendars you have setup in Outlook to provide a quick visual of all of your Kona spaces. 

Step 1

Login to http://www.Kona.com

Deltek Kona 

Step 2

Select the calendar by clicking on the Events tab

Kona Calendar 

Step 3

Click on Calendar

Deltek Kona Calendar

Step 4

Select Share this Calendar from the drop down menu

Deltek Kona Calendar, Instructions 

Step 5

Select the link displayed in the window and copy it.

Deltek Kona, Calendar Integration 

Step 6

Open outlook and switch to the calendar view. Notice the list of calendars displayed at the bottom left.

Deltek Kona, Kona, Calendar Integration 

Step 7

Right click on Other Calendars and select Add Calendar, From Internet

Deltek Kona, Kona, Calendar Integration, Internet Calendar 

Step 8

Paste the link from Kona in the New Internet Calendar Subscription box and click on OK.

Deltek Kona, Internet Calendar 

Step 9

Notice the Kona Calendar is now displayed in the bottom left

Kona, Deltek Kona, Outlook Integration 

Step 10

Multiple calendars can are displayed when additional calendars from the list are selected

Outlook Calendar Integration 

Step 11

Click on the arrow beside a calendar to combine the view.

 Kona, Outlook, Integration

Step 12

Now the Calendars and all appointments are all displayed in a single calendar view

Outlook, Kona, Single Calendar 

Making the Kona calendar viewable in Microsoft Outlook is a great way to boost productivity, social collaboration, and calendar management. You can use similar techniques to attach other Internet based calendars to Outlook as well. The attached calendar is read only and is not editable from Outlook. This is a slight draw back but the ability to see the Kona calendar without switching applications provides a quick and convenient planning in Outlook.

Interested in Kona? Contact us for a demo or to discuss how Kona can help you.

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5 Tips to Win Projects with Deltek Vision CRM to Kona

Posted by Graham Gardner on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 @ 08:47 AM

Deltek Kona, Deltek Vision, Win ProjectsIn today’s day and age of fast changing technology, firms must stay abreast of all available solutions to better compete with competition, and win work. Since the ‘great recession’ of 2009, competition on winning work has increased exponentially. Successful firms have combated this increased competition by staying current with technology, and using well thought out techniques to win projects. Included below are five tips that will help your firm better impress clients, and ultimately win more work.

  1. Collaboratively share information with your project team. When responding to a client request / RFP, sharing data can become a cumbersome task in itself when working with remote teaming partners or staff. Often, the ability to seamlessly coordinate tasks/assignments, or share large files amongst your team can be the difference in winning or losing the work. To avoid these types of hiccups, leverage collaborative sharing tools such as Deltek Kona to keep your project team on the same page. Deltek Kona allows users to share files, and schedule important dates, seamlessly as though the users were all working in the same centralized office. You will be amazed at how Kona will empower your project team!
  2. Hasten your proposals process through the use of templates. Unfortunately, many times firms will find out a about a project that they are a perfect fit for days before the due date. These time restrictions can ensnare the proposal process and make it difficult to respond sufficiently. Empower your marketing/business development department by creating templates that will allow you to export your information from Deltek Vision CRM to Microsoft Word or InDesign. This will allow you to streamline the proposal process, and concentrate on the areas of the proposal that require custom attention.
  3. Avoid boring old PowerPoint presentation. Many firms make it to the short-list process only to utterly disappoint the client through the use of a boring, stale PowerPoint presentation. If you are unable to separate yourself from your competition, you are not doing your best to win projects. PowerPoint has been around since the late 1990’s, and sadly a large majority of presentations look like they came out of that same era. By using presentation software such as Prezi or PreZentit, your firm can immediately stand apart from your competition. With that said, don’t forget the importance of impressing the client by being personable and demonstrating your understanding the project. Overly relying on the use of presentation software is one of the quickest ways to lose a client’s attention.
  4. Use a CRM solution to track relationships. We have all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know!” This begs the question; does your firm know who it knows? If you are not tracking your relationships through CRM software such as Deltek Vision, then you are simply throwing darts at a board, blindfolded. A CRM solution will allow you to track who you know, recent conversations, and other important relationship data such as birthdays or anniversaries. This type of knowledge insight is important for creating meaningful relationships between your company, and your clients.
  5. Optimize information for smart devices. If you own a smart device, and you have not optimized your marketing contact the device, you are not working smart! You never know when, or where, you might bump in to a perspective client. If you are unable to demonstrate your firms expertise at the drop of a hat, expect to lose out on a lot of potential work. Your firms website should be optimized for smart devices (iPhones, Androids, Tablets, Everything!) allowing you to be ready to show off how great your firm is, at a moment’s notice! In addition to optimizing your website for these smart devices, take the initiative to pre-load content on to your smart phone, in case you are unable to get internet service! By doing this, you will not only impress the client with all of your great works, but you will also demonstrate your ability to think ahead and be ready for the unexpected.

    If your firm is utilizing Deltek Vision CRM, make sure to check out Vision Unleashed. Vision Unleashed will allow you to access your full Vision system on teh go, from a mobile device. It also allows MAC users to access Vision without the need for running parallels or bootcamp. This allows MAC users to utilize their workstation to it maximum potential without dedicating resources to addition process just to access Vision!

I hope you learned something from this blog. Some of these technologies or techniques might seem obvious, but unfortunately many times it’s the obvious omissions that cause us to lose out on winning new work. If you use any of the concepts highlighted in this blog, make sure to comment below and let us know. We love to hear success stories!

Once you win your next project, make sure to review these project management concepts.

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Deltek's "Kona" - an Intuitive Collaboration Tool

Posted by Graham Gardner on Mon, Dec 03, 2012 @ 04:35 PM

Collaboration.  One of those buzz words that marketers and business executives so often love to use.  Project teams often claim that the internet has provided them with new level of collaboration that was unparalleled in previous generations.  This is true.  However, if your primary means of collaboration is email, then you are not experiencing the level of collaboration that this generation is enjoying.

I would like to review some tools that make the collaboration process easier.  Before we begin, let’s start with defining the subject at hand:

Collaborate (verb):  To work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor

Essentially, collaboration is the process of teaming with others to achieve a common objective.  Over the past few decades there has been a strong emphasis placed on teamwork in the work place.  While the majority of the 1900’s boasted a work mentality of me first, the 2000’s have been defined by companies like Facebook and Google that promote a team first environment.  Most people are familiar with the acronym TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. 

Most business is now done in a virtual environment.  The United States has over 78% of its population plugged in on-line.  Unfortunately, many people struggle with the social awkwardness of the internet:  Email is a great source of communicating an idea, but a terrible medium for conveying emotion or tone.  What can be meant as a friendly reminder, can be interpreted as harsh criticism.

To avoid some of the communication pitfalls of the traditional internet, I have recently started using a tool called ‘Kona’.  Kona is a free communication and collaboration tool from Deltek that helps teams get connected, get organized, and get things done together.

I have been able to use Kona to help better plan projects.  Kona gives me the ability to work with my project team in a seamless cloud environment.  With a project team based out of multiple locations, Kona gives us the ability to interact with each other in a way never done before on the internet. 

We all juggle multiple tasks in our professional and personal lives.  Kona recognizes this by giving the end user as ‘spaces’ to work in.  Perhaps you coach your sons baseball team, have three projects due at work next month, and also are in the process of building a man cave.  No problem!  With Kona, simply set up a ‘work space’ for each of these responsibilities, and start knocking off project tasks.

For the purpose of this blog, I have identified a few of my favorite features of Kona:

  1. A smart calendar!  The calendar on Kona is by far one of the best collaboration tools out there.  Gone are the days of forgetful project staff leaving an important event off of their calendars.  Through the use of smart scheduling, the Kona system allows members of the project team to assign and schedule tasks to other group members.  Not only can you add locations, attendees, files, and notes to a calendar item, but you are also able to have a ‘smart’ conversation…

  2. Deltek Kona, Chat Room, CollaborateThe conversations module on Kona is my favorite internet based tool that I have found since I discovered Google Docs.  Kona allows users to hold separate conversations on each task of the project.  Notice that an important detail was left off of the calendar for tomorrow’s meeting?  No need to open up your email to contact the event host, simply update the event, and you are free to comment on the conversation to let others know of the change.  This condensing of communication in to one multi-faceted medium allows for a clear and effective message, enabling project staff to focus on completing the project, and not talking about it.

  3. Deltek Kona, File SharingThe files module.  How many times have you emailed someone a file, only to be told later that they never received it?  Many people cannot receive emails larger than 2mb – a data size that is nothing in today’s media rich web.  While programs like Outlook have made it easier to manage attachments, email was create in the late 80’s and was never intended to be a storage database for large, detailed files. 

    Kona’s file system allows users to avoid many of the pitfalls of modern day data sharing.  Not only can users store large data files, organized by file type, but also share important website links.  This simple, easy to use file sharing system allows project teams to organize all of their project data in one location.  By sharing your data in the cloud environment, not only do you create an easier to use file sharing system, but you also protect your data by storing it in an offsite location.  Additionally, you will please your IT manager by reducing the number of multiple copies of the same file throughout your network system.


Please note:  Kona offers 1GB of space with all accounts.  While this is a decent chunk of free space, it is not meant to be the end-all-be-all storage area for your files.  Simply, it is meant to be a means for sharing information quickly in a cloud environment.  I encourage you to use this file sharing system to share files between project team members, not to store your files for long term access.

I could continue to go on about the features I love about Kona, but I think it would be best for you to go and sign up for Kona, and try it yourself!  The interface is extremely intuitive, and you should be up and running in no time.  I hope this free, yes free – as in, it doesn’t cost anything, collaboration tool helps your project teams to start working more effectively!

To learn more about how you and your firm can start using Kona today, check out the video below:



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Kona: A Free Communication and Collaboration Software Tool

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on Mon, Jul 16, 2012 @ 10:41 AM

Deltek - KonaThe SMPS National Technology Committee 2012 survey revealed the top 3 technology topics professional services marketing and business developers would like more information on is communication tools, customer relationship management systems, and collaboration tools. The results of this study are probably not surprising.  People are on the go and are collaborating with multiple groups in different locations at a fast pace.  We have demands from work, family, and other organizations to keep track of.  The key ingredient needed is effective communication and collaboration.  

Social media allows people to connect and communicate, but one missing piece is still the collaboration and organization to get things done. A new collaboration software tool is looking to tackle this issue.  Kona is an online space for any group to privately connect, organize, discuss, and get things done together.  The tool is specifically for people involved with multiple groups like, project teams, volunteer organizations, membership clubs and even family events.  Kona keeps track of everything each person is responsible for and discussing across all spaces in one personalized place.  The current tool was developed by Deltek and is in beta.  Kona is FREE and available through the internet and also has a mobile app. 

As an example, let’s say that you are pursuing 3 proposals, you are director of an association committee, and you also need to organize your family activities.  Kona allows you to create five separate spaces for each of these items (separate space for each proposal, one for your committee, and one for your family).  You can invite separate people to each space. Those that are a part of the association don’t need to view you’re your family and proposal information, for example.  So you just send committee members an invite to your committee space.  However, you have the ability to view the discussions and tasks that occur over all 5 spaces.

For marketers, one of the biggest struggles when dealing with teaming arrangements is keeping communication in one location and making sure everyone is aware of decisions. Now you can quickly communicate through a discussion thread versus strings of emails which may or may not hit all of the right parties.  Since you can access Kona through an app you don’t have to be at your computer to join the conversation, which is great for those on a job site.  Agreed upon tasks are outlined with due dates.  You are able to upload files so the entire team can view.

The current capabilities continue to be tweaked so for those that would like to influence the development of this collaboration tool there is still time.  For those that need a way to communicate among disparate groups check out Kona (www.kona.com) and let us know what you think.  

Like Kona on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KonaLife
Follow Kona on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kona_life

To check out more features and compatibility requirements, visit iTunes: http://bit.ly/KY4JNd.  You can also search “Deltek” from your iPhone apps.  You can also view an introduction of the tool on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clEEzM0RZr4.

To view a presentation, join us on July 19, 2012 at 1:30pm ET.

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