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Introducing the Vantagepoint Feature “Hey Deltek”

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, Sep 11, 2019 @ 11:20 AM

Deltek Vantagepoint-1

If you’re a Deltek Vision user, you’ve probably already heard about the latest and greatest version of Vision…Deltek Vantagepoint. Even better, Deltek keeps announcing new features that have never been available before in Vision. One of the coolest features to be offered now is “Hey Deltek.” Just like “Hey Siri” and “Alexa,” “Hey Deltek” allows users to speak directly to Vantagepoint to do several different things. Here’s a look at what “Hey Deltek” can do for you.

Add a New Lead

On average, an architecture and engineering (A/E) firm adds 15 new leads to its CRM system per week. First, consider the time it takes to develop one lead into an opportunity you want to include in your CRM system. Now, think about the effort required to record a new lead into the CRM system - typing here, checking a box there etc. With “Hey Deltek,” you can enter the information and start developing a lead in seconds.

Using “Hey Deltek,” manual input is effectively eliminated. Simply type or say, “Create new lead Jane Doe.” As a result, “Hey Deltek” can save employees hours a week allowing them to focus on more important matters.

We All Need Reminders

My memory is sharp, but I still need reminders. I frequently use them to ensure that I follow-up with clients and get other tasks completed. Unfortunately, creating these reminders in Vision or Outlook takes a lot of time around 2 minutes each. With “Hey Deltek,” creating a reminder takes about 15 seconds. So, using “Hey Deltek” to create reminders will again save you a lot of effort that can be put forth on other things.

Even Works with Projects

Beyond business development, “Hey Deltek” works for project managers as well. A/E project managers often handle multiple projects having to stay on top of which stage projects are in and record time against them. “Hey Deltek” allows project managers to quickly access projects. Just simply type or say what project you want to open. This convenient feature of Vantagepoint adds more functionality and better searching techniques for users.

Moving Forward with Deltek Vantagepoint

If you’re hesitant to make the upgrade to Vantagepoint, know that Deltek has made a concerted effort to ensure that the transition is smooth and seamless. “Hey Deltek” is just one amazing feature included in Vantagepoint. Even more, the “Hey Deltek” capabilities continue to grow as will Vantagepoint. If you need more information about Vantagepoint, reach out to a member of the Full Sail Partners team and make sure to watch our webinar series about preparing for Vantagepoint.

Deltek Vantagepoint

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Work More Efficiently with Deltek’s New Vantagepoint

Posted by Lindsay Diven on Wed, Jan 16, 2019 @ 11:30 AM

Deltek VantagepointWith the new Deltek Vantagepoint, Vision is re-imagined. Not only has the look and feel been improved, but there are many new enhancements that all users will love. This new browser-based solution helps your firm deliver more successful projects and grow your business. It’s built around the project—from finding, pursuing, winning, and delivering them. 

In the last quarter of 2018, Full Sail Partners’ consultants participated in early adopter testing of the Vantagepoint 2.0 solution. To say we are impressed with the new features and streamlined design and framework is an understatement.

In this article, three of our consultants share what sets Vantagepoint apart from Vision and why you should be excited. We will go into detail from Employee Scorecards and Project Plans to Multiple Dashboards and Milestone Dashparts.

While change can be scary, we assure that you will fall in love with the Vantagepoint enhancements we have seen so far, just like we did. 

Intuitive Business Development

Lindsay Diven, CPSM is a Senior Consultant for Full Sail Partners. Below are just a few of my new favorite features of Vantagepoint.

  • All Companies in One Place – The previous Clients and Vendors has been combined to form a new hub called Companies.
  • All People in One Place – The previous Leads and Contacts info center has been combined to form a new hub called People.
  • Easily See All Associations for People and Companies – With streamlined hubs, you can easily see all the projects a company is associated with – either as a subconsultant or a prime.
  • Easier Searching – You can easily build searches on the fly. You can add a field quickly and instantly preview results.
  • Milestones Dashpart – A place to track and display all your CRM and proposal deadlines.
  • Visual Dashboards by Function – You can easily toggle between Business Development, Project Management and Executive/Owner level dashboards.
  • New Drag and Drop Proposal Builder – Long gone are the days of coding and testing merge templates! You can now see what your proposal looks like as you are building it.

Efficient Project and Resource Management

Below Principal Consultant, Matt McCauley, shares some of his favorite new aspects of Vantagepoint for creating and managing projects as well as managing resources.

  • Create a Project and Plan Simultaneously – When you create a new Project Record, a Project Plan is automatically created.
  • Add Multiple Resources to a Project at One Time – Quickly add multiple resources to a project with a few clicks.
  • View Resource Management by Employee or by Project – Gain greater visibility into resource utilization.

Streamlined Accounting Functions

We sat down with Scott Gailhouse, Principal Consultant, to ask what his favorite new features of Vantagepoint are. He listed the following:

  • All Reports in One Place – Get the information you need to make actionable decisions easily and quickly.
  • Best of Both Worlds: Batch or Single Entry – Save time with easy functionality that allows for processing multiple transactions with a click of a button.
  • Expanded Approval Center – New Approval center includes absence requests, expense lines, expense reports, timesheets and timesheet lines. You can also view the progress of the approval workflow.
  • Update Fees in Interactive Billing – Update project fees while processing invoices.
  • Employee Cards and Timesheet Calendar – New Outlook integration that allows for timesheets to be updated from a user’s Outlook calendar.

Learn More about Deltek Vantagepoint

To learn more about these new features and see examples, make sure to watch our webinar Things We Love About Deltek Vantagepoint So Far. This is the first in a series of webinars on how to prepare for Vantagepoint.

Deltek Vantagepoint  

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Deltek is Taking Vision to the Next Level with Deltek Vantagepoint

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on Wed, Nov 28, 2018 @ 11:05 AM


Deltek VantagepointMany Deltek Vision customers have been a bit confused by the announcement of Deltek Vantagepoint (formerly Deltek for Professional Services). Well, Deltek Vantagepoint is the newly branded and freshly reimagined next version of Deltek Vision specifically built for professional services organizations. The starting point for Vantagepoint was Vision 7.6 and this initiative has been about accelerating the product to a pure browser-based interface which began with iAccess. Let’s take a look at Vantagepoint and the impact on Vision users.

Reimagined Next Version

Vantagepoint is the same great product with all the power of Vision using a fresh, modern interface that will be accessible to anyone, anytime from anywhere. This next version of Vision has impressive new features, reengineered workflows and expanded functionality. All of these enhancements were created based upon years of customer feedback taking Vision to a completely new level.

User Defined Content

As part of the upgrade to Vantagepoint, user defined content and configurations within Vision come along. Some areas will need to be reviewed to make sure things continue to work and look the way you want due to the functional improvements of Vantagepoint. However, the configured content will not be lost in the upgrade which is very similar to a typical Vision upgrade.

Custom Reports

In Vantagepoint, the reporting platform is SQL Server Reporting Services just like in Vision. The architecture and database structure of Vantagepoint is the same as Vision since Vision 7.6 was the starting point. Custom reports and/or invoice templates should continue to function in Vantagepoint. If a custom report references a portion of the database schema that changed in Vantagepoint, it will need to be reviewed with minor updates just like it would have with Vision upgrades.

Upgrade on Your own Timeline

During the transitional phase between Vision and Vantagepoint, the timing of the upgrade is up to the customer. Upgrade timing depends on what functionality your firm is using in Vision today. Vision 7.6 will remain in active support mode including updates until at least the end of 2022. Moving to Vantagepoint does not require a data conversion but rather all Vision data is simply upgraded. Just like with any Vision upgrade, there may be the need to accommodate functional changes.

Upgrade to Vantagepoint

More than 200 customers are currently using Vantagepoint today. For all Vision customers, there is an existing customer portal to learn about Vantagepoint https://dsm.deltek.com/Vantagepoint. All firms using Vision are encouraged to consume the portal content in order to ensure a smooth upgrade.

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Approval Workflows in Deltek Vision 7.6

Posted by Nicole Temple on Wed, Aug 31, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Deltek Vision 7.6 Approval Workflows Deltek introduced approval workflows in Vision 7.4 for purchasing and inventory records. Since then, Vision clients have asked for more. Well Deltek listened and began adding approval workflows to each new version of Vision. Let’s take a look at the benefits of approval workflows and what’s been added to Vision 7.6.

Intro Into Approval Workflows

Since some readers might be new to approval workflows, let’s review the functions of approval workflows in Vision:

  • Multi-tiered Approvals – Allows approval workflows to have the ability to assign one person or multiple people with approval responsibilities for a specific request.
  • Flexible Assignments – Instead of assigning the approval to a person, make the approval assignment to a specific role or function within the organization.
  • Reassignments – Quickly reassign an action to add additional approvers or reassign the approval assignment to another person.
  • Conditional Assignments – Allows for the use of a threshold for when an approval is required, such as a dollar amount for an expense.
  • Flexible Actions – Send and receive notifications of an approval request by email, a dashboard alert, or by a user-defined error message.
  • Workflow Failure Notifications – Workflows are smart! They will notify the approval administrator if a terminated employee or a role with no employees has been assigned approval responsibilities.

Additionally, these functions are the foundation for all future approvals in Vision. As a result, approvals are flexible so they can meet the unique requirements of different organizations.   

Applications That Have Approval Workflows

In previous versions of Deltek Vision, several applications have gained the ability to utilize approval workflows. Here’s the applications that received approval workflows in version 7.4:

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Request for Price Quotes
  • Purchase Orders (PO’s, Change Orders, and Releases)
  • Inventory Item Requests

In version 7.5, these applications gained approval workflow capabilities:

  • Absence Requests
  • AP Invoice Approvals
  • General Ledger Budgets

With the release of Vision 7.6, Deltek has added Expense Report and Expense Line approval workflows.

Expense Report and Expense Line Approval Workflows Overview

In the existing Vision Employee Expense Applications, users can easily create expense reports and easily add credit card expenses to the report using the Vision Credit Card feature. With the addition of approva workflowl capabilities to the Expense Report and Expense Line approvals, users are further able to embrace the power of Deltek Vision. Some benefits of enabling Expense Approval Workflows include:

  • Approval Workflows that are multi-step and based on specific parameters to align the approval process with your organization’s operations.
  • Send approval requests to specific employees or roles within your organization.
  • Approve all lines of an expense report or just approve a specific line.
  • Setup notifications to alert people about the status of the approval process and let the approver know a request is pending.  

Are you ready to enable Expense Report and Expense line approvals? Not sure, here are some things to think about.

  • Does your organization have a defined process for expense approvals?
  • Which roles and individuals need approval assignments?
  • What dollar amount should require an approval?
  • What steps are required to ensure employees follow Expense Report policies?

Now that Deltek has added approval workflows to the Employee Expense process in Vision 7.6, users now have more tools to streamline internal business processes. Find out about other new features in Vision 7.6 here! Additionally, let us know which improvements you want to see in the next version of Deltek Vision

Deltek Vision 7.6 

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Deltek Vision 7.6 is Full of Enhancements

Posted by Scott Gailhouse on Wed, Jul 20, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Deltek Vision 7.6You asked and Deltek listened. There are a number of new and exciting updates and features in Vision Version 7.6. Let’s see how Deltek Vision just got better!

Employee Expense Approval

In addition to Purchase Requisitions, Request for Price Quotes, Purchase Orders, Inventory Item Requests, Absence Requests, AP Invoice Approvals and General Ledger Budgets, Employee Expense Reports are now included in Approval Work Flows. Approval workflows are user designed for specific applications in Vision. All lines of the expense report can be set up for approval and/or just specific line items in a given report can be set up for approval. The workflow defines the approval process, approvers, allowable actions and alerts for a record.


Vendor Response enhancements were made in purchasing. As a result, Vision can be configured with up to 10 user-defined labels. When you are in RFQ or Purchase Requisition by line item, you can select from one of the user-defined labels and apply a response to that label.

For RFQ’s and purchase requisitions, you have the option to Show Suggested Vendors and Show Vendor Responses. The new Bid Evaluation report gives you the selected vendors for comparison purposes.

Also new in purchasing is a new Comments tab in Purchases Orders. The comments are for internal use only. Comments can be added even after the PO has been finalized and printed. These notes can be included on the Purchase Order Detail Report.

A PO column has been added to Vendor Review. Once you select a voucher, you can see the PO Number column on the Voucher Line Items grid. You can drill down on the PO number to display the PO and add notes if you choose to.

Benefit Accrual

Deltek didn’t forget about Benefit Accruals enhancements. Sick and vacation time can now be calculated on hours worked. This enhancement is in response to states that require firms to earn 1 hour of sick time for each 30 hours worked.


Deltek added a Retainer Ledger Report. This new report displays complete details associated with retainers by either project and/or by client. General options for this report can be set to display retainer amounts for specific time frames, i.e. last year, first quarter.

Invoices and the invoice backup report can now display the Labor Category description, Title, Labor Code description and timesheet detail.

AR Statements just got a little more personal. Similar to invoice templates created in the Invoice Template Editor, you can now add your firm’s logo to AR Statements. Margins can be defined for information printed in the heading and the Project Long Name can now be used.

Deltek also streamlined the Invoice Approval process. In the past, invoices submitted for approval would have to be un-submitted one invoice at a time. In version 7.6, invoices can now be un-submitted in batch.

Billing Invoices and Backup Reports are more flexible. On the Invoice and billing backup reports, the employee name can now be replaced with the Labor Category Description, Labor Code Description or Title while displaying the date and comments. These selections have been added to the Labor tab and the Billing Backup tab in Billing Terms.

Also new in Billing is a feature that allows you to show Fee Total and Add-on on the Final and Draft Invoice Backup Report. This selection is also available on the Billing Backup tab in Billing Terms.

Another useful feature in billing is the ability to show expenses in the billing backup report on draft invoices. The selection for this option has been added to the Billing Backup tab in Billing Terms.

Breakdown compensation in User Defined Revenue Methods. Currently in Deltek Vision, Direct Labor, Direct Expenses, Direct Consultant, Reimbursable Expense and Reimbursable Consultant can break out by compensation. In version 7.6, there are now fields available for the compensation breakout to be used in the User Defined Revenue Methods.

Credit Cards

In Credit Card Review, you can now see the Expense Report, Voucher and Chart of Account Number in the Credit Card Transactions grid. You can also perform a search by Expense Report and/or Voucher.

The User Defined Fields that are created in credit card configuration can also can also be displayed on the Credit Card Review, Credit Card Transactions tab and the Credit Card Statement Reconciliation, and the Credit Card Charges tab.

In version 7.6, you can now add employee paid credit cards. Charges paid by the employee can be marked as “Add to Expense Report” so that the employee will be reimbursed. Charges can also be marked as personal. Personal charges will not be included on the expense report.

There is also a new credit card mapping available in credit card configuration that will map the description of the credit card statement to the employee’s expense report.

Info Center Attachments

The Info Centers have a new tab called “Attachments”. Instead of entering a link in the Info Centers referencing the path where documents are stored, you can now load an actual image of the document. Info Center Attachments use the same technology as the Transaction Document Management feature.

Once uploaded, documents can be viewed by simply clicking on the view button on the attachments tab of the info center record.

Are You Excited about Deltek Vision 7.6?

Deltek Vision continues to improve with every new version, and with these enhancements, lives are made easier and firms are able make smarter decisions. What enhancements can help you and your firm? Contact us and let us know!

Deltek Vision 7.6

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Have You Seen What’s New in Deltek Vision 7.5?

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, Feb 10, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Deltek_VISION.pngReady to learn about the much-anticipated release of Deltek Vision 7.5? With each new version of Vision, Deltek strives to include new features and enhancements to help your firm know more to do more! Let’s take a look and see what’s new with Deltek’s newest version of Vision.

Deltek Vision 7.5 Features and Enhancements:

  • Focus to Client Nurturing | The new Client Activity Status Report allows users to quickly and visually identify clients that need attention. Add a touch of color! The new feature allows you to highlight your activities by color to easily identify clients that need follow-up.
  • Proposals Made Easier | Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big impact. Deltek has made the proposal process easier. The improved proposal module allows users to apply the selection criteria to all projects and employees at the same time. Users can also choose default graphics and have an easy-to-select graphic option. Even more, users can select project experience based on actual hours worked and merge service estimates totals. Lastly, InDesign users now have the ability to display multiple records on one page. All of these little enhancements save time during the proposal creation process.
  • Newly Created Asset Management Module | Now all of your fixed assets are in one place to increase tracking and decision-making. The New Vision Asset Management Module is integrated with the purchasing and accounting functions within Vision to enable you to create, track, manage, depreciate, and dispose of your fixed assets in one central location. Be sure to inquire about Q1 2016 incentives.
  • Manage Employees with Ease Across Multiple Companies | Vision Multi-Company just got way better! In 7.5, Multi-Company Employees can be associated with more than one company with a designated “home” company. More importantly, employee specific data carries over to each company allowing for company-specific and system-wide reporting. Find out more about the new Multi-company features here.  
  • Approvals Simplified | Stop with the endless email chains full of approval requests. In the version of Vision, absence requests and accounts payable invoices can be approved by designing simple or complex workflows to automate the approval process.
  • Better Forecast Revenue and Expenses | In Vision 7.5, the general ledger (GL) enhancements allow users to consolidate budgeting into a single view allowing for better insight into your business. This new functionality allows you to create, manage, review, edit, and approve multiple GL budgets from a single view. Learn more about these enhancements here.
  • Save Time Reconciling Bank Statements | In this latest version of Vision, users can import bank statements, automatically match records, and review records to manually match any remaining transactions.
  • Smarter Project Planning | Building on the power of task dependencies in 7.4, project managers now can effectively manage project schedules and closely track a project’s critical path and identify schedule risks. Additionally, color-coded predecessor tasks, expanded right-click functionality, and better integration with iAccess are just a few highlights to enable your project managers to make smarter decisions.
  • Keep Up with Project & Business Development On-The-Go | Obtaining the information you need on-the-go just got better. iAccess 2.2 enhancements now provides users the ability to create saved custom searches on any field, including custom fields. With an improved interface and screen designer settings enhancements, iAccess is becoming the go-to tool to access project metrics and business development updates anywhere at any time.
  • Improved Touch Capabilities | Deltek Touch now supports iPhones & iPads with iOS 8+, Android Phones and Tablets with OS 4.1+, and Windows Phones with OS 8.1. Building upon timesheet and expense capabilities, users now have timesheet auditing available on their mobile devices.
  • Much More | Deltek Vision 7.5 provides even more enhancements for accounting and project management with greater connectivity and better user interfaces.
Have questions about the newest enhancements and features included in Deltek Vision 7.5, or looking for information on how to upgrade to 7.5? Reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you get a grasp on all of the new functionality available to your firm!

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Deltek Vision Multi-Company Just Got a lot Better!

Posted by Scott Gailhouse on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 @ 09:34 AM

Multi-Company_7.5.pngSometimes it’s the simple things in life that excite me, but the improvements to the Multi-company feature in Deltek Vision 7.5 are exciting. If you’re not familiar with Vision Multi-company, let me provide you some background and here’s a link for more information. Multi-company is part of the Vision Core Financial Application. Vision Multi-company allows a firm to manage more than one company in a single database and streamlines the process of managing accounting functions between companies when resources are shared. By utilizing Multi-company, each company operates as a separate entity, but data sources such as clients and contacts can be shared across the enterprise.

However, employee data was managed differently in prior versions of Vision. If an employee belonged to one company and moved to another company, a new employee record with a unique employee number would need to be created and assigned to each company the employee was associated with. This made record keeping and reporting cumbersome and time consuming. The good news is that with version 7.5 this is no longer the case!

What Changed in Deltek Vision 7.5?

In version 7.5, a single employee record can now be associated with multiple companies. As a result, associating an employee record to other companies in the enterprise is now easier with the addition of the “Associate with New Company” option in “New” dropdown on the toolbar of the employee info center.

How Does This Work?

When a new employee record is created, the employee is assigned to a home company, which is the current active company. You can then associate the employee record with other companies. There are a number of fields in the employee record that are company specific and can be modified on a company-by-company basis. For example, an employee may have a different cost rate, pay rate or may accrue PTO hours at a different rate in each company. Additionally, you can change the home company and the status of an employee if they transfer to a new company and terminate in another.

There are also fields that are non-company specific such as the employee’s name, licenses, experience, and resumes – just to name a few. Therefore, this information is shared across all companies and can be used by the CRM and Proposal functions within Vision.

Even more, a list of companies the employee is associated will display after an employee’s user name and password is entered. The employee can then select the company they will be working in at the time of log in. If an employee is associated with more than one company, timesheet and expense reports can be processed for the active company. If an employee needs to complete a timesheet and expense report for another company, they can switch between companies under Utilities by selecting “Change Company.”

Why Is This So Great?

Aside from the additional functionality of Multi-company, employee reporting is now easier in version 7.5. Prior to Employee Multi-company, reports for one employee would have to be run by selecting all of a single employee’s records across the enterprise. This is no longer the case in version 7.5. In addition to running reports for an employee in a single company, like the accrued time report or time analysis report, an employee record for multiple companies can also be selected. When sorted by company, the data can be displayed on the report by company. Furthermore, Deltek also added additional operator filters to reporting to reduce customization for unique reporting needs.

Sometimes just making life simpler is exciting and the new features in Vision 7.5 are designed to increase productivity and make your life simpler! This just happens to be one of my favorites. 

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Deltek Vision How-To Series: List View

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on Wed, Dec 09, 2015 @ 09:58 AM

03_List_View.jpgDid you know in Deltek Vision you can view multiple records at one time through a list view? The list view was a featured added in version 7 allowing you the ability to group, filter, organize and quickly export a list. The List View is listed at the top of any Info Center’s top navigation allowing you to view multiple records.

Be sure to check out our video demonstrating all of the features of Deltek Vision's List View.



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Deltek Releases New User-Friend Vision iAccess for Mobile Users

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on Thu, Aug 27, 2015 @ 04:20 PM

Deltek_iAccess.pngIn June Deltek announced iAccess. So what is iAccess? Deltek’s iAccess is a new, user-friendly interface that gives front office employees access to Deltek Vision information on-the-go. Users can access information from anywhere, anytime and the new interface is specifically built for tablets and mobile devices. 

I recently went on a trip and didn’t have internet access to my laptop, but I had cellular service on my iPad. I found the new interface a life saver as I needed to quickly access client data. Portions of the new feature may look familiar because iAccess was formerly called Navigator, but has received new and improved capabilities. It now also includes CRM related information. Best of all iAccess is free for all users. The Business Development component does require a CRM license. 

The new interface now provides users the ability to access three critical areas of Vision: 

  • Employee Workspace: View, create and submit timesheets anywhere, anytime an employee has internet access. Provides a simplified way to manage and submit expenses with the ability to upload receipts from any mobile device.
  • Project Management Workspace: Plan, manage, monitor and execute project in a centralized, easy-to-use tool. Quickly and simply view key project metrics and view alerts and warnings when projects are at risk.  
  • Business Development Workspace: Manage clients, contacts and opportunities on-the-go. Business Development teams can review, add and update critical client data and add touchpoints after client meetings or calls.

iaccess employees

iaccess project management

iaccess business development

iaccess business development2

As you can see, the tool is really intuitive and the sleek new interface provides a more modern look and feel. Vision iAccess does have to be set-up by your IT staff just like the Deltek Touch products. Users must have remote access capabilities. For more information, be sure to download the product sheet or view Full Sail Partners’ iAccess webinar. 


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Deltek Touch Time and Expense: Confessions of a Serial Conference Attendee

Posted by Graham Gardner on Wed, Apr 15, 2015 @ 01:49 PM

deltek touch time and expense appAs a virtual employee I often have a computer within arm’s reach. The need to access Deltek Vision on a mobile device has largely been non-existent for my work situation. However, recently I attended back-to-back conferences and I quickly found myself behind on my timesheets and desperately needing to submit an expense report. So one afternoon, as traffic died down while manning a tradeshow booth, I decided to install the Deltek Touch Time and Expense app on my phone.

The following blog outlines my thoughts and experiences using the app!

Deltek Touch Time and Expense:  What’s All the Buzz About?

This app is really easy to use! No seriously, it is. The clean smooth detailed design of the user experience shines through immediately. I quickly found myself navigating the menus and feeling a sense of insight regarding where I stood on past, present, and current timesheets and expense reports.

Expense reports have never been less of a hassle. I typically experience a lot of anxiety when it comes to doing expense reports. The idea of managing multiple, high value, expenses can be stressful to say the least. For me, Deltek’s Touch Time and Expense app took the stress out. I was able to quickly take a photo of my receipts with my smart phone, attach them to my expense report in Touch T&E, and voila – expense complete!

After long stints out of the office timesheets are no longer something I dread. Nothing sucks worse than being out of the office for days at a time. Oh wait – you know what sucks more? Trying to figure out how to bill all that time that you spent out of the office!

Managing my time on-site at these conferences with Deltek Touch Time and Expense could not have been easier. During down times I found myself quickly plugging my time in to Vision from my mobile device. No more sticky notes or emails to myself with logs of my time. This process was so easy that I now find myself using the application to log my day-to- day time after work while watching TV with my wife.

Like any application on a mobile device, Wi-Fi helps! The conference I was at had so many people using their phones that the 4G networks were basically useless. I quickly found a Wi-Fi hotspot and connected up and noticed a considerable increase in performance. Stay aware of the environment you are in and the technology you have available and make the most out of it!

This Deltek Touch Time and Expense App is Pretty Cool!

Overall I was extremely impressed with this application. The ability to instantly access my timesheets and expense reports on a mobile device was a life saver!  I’d encourage you to try the app out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Ready to start using the app? Watch this Deltek Touch Time and Expense Application tutorial and start doing more with your Vision system from a mobile device:

Have a cool story about how Deltek Touch Time and Expense has saved you time or frustrations? Respond to this blog and share your stories!

Deltek Touch Time and Expense

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