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Improve Business Development with Technology

Posted by Madeline O'Connor on Wed, Sep 25, 2019 @ 01:22 PM

Build Business

Business development can be a challenge especially when firms are already busy with day to day activities. Leaders must figure out what is worth putting effort and money into to get the pay-off they want. Fortunately, Deltek and Full Sail Partners offer many different solutions that are technology forward and can help make business development easier for you. Let’s take a look at some of these and see how they support business development.

Deltek Vantagepoint

Deltek has recently revamped Vision, creating a more powerful and user focused system that is designed for professional services firms. Deltek Vantagepoint can be used to improve productivity, increase profitability and make smarter business decisions. It also allows business development teams to quickly put together proposals that will give them an edge over the competition. So, by using Deltek Vantagepoint, you will have a platform that promotes business development with easy to use tools.

Blackbox Connector

Blackbox Connector provides the opportunity to connect Deltek Vision and Vantagepoint to 3rd party software. For business development purposes, Constant Contact and Mailchimp Blackbox Connectors will help make it easier to nurture relationships with potential new business. What is sent out via Constant Contact or Mailchimp is brought back into Vision or Vantagepoint with the Blackbox Connector making it convenient for you to track your marketing efforts which leads to new business.

Deltek PIM

Efficiency is one of the leading attributes to great business development. Deltek PIM offers your employees one place to access all your files across all aspects of your business. With all emails and documents in one place, it is simple to research and determine where new business might be found saving you a lot of discovery time. This can be an asset when trying to advance your firm’s business development.


Informer is a business intelligence tool which allows your firm to collect data and analyze it. Business intelligence provides insight you can use to make better business decisions and evaluate areas for business development. Visual options in dashboards can display a variety of charts and graphs which give you vital information. For instance, you can identify which clients have used your services the most and may require further assistance. Informer thus allows you to pinpoint business development potential.

Deltek Learning Zone

Deltek Learning Zone is a great resource to find out more about tools that can help your firm further its business development efforts. DLZ offers virtual live classes, self-paced classes, support videos, infographics, and many more ways to learn. You can find experts that have a lot of knowledge regarding the best way to target business development using Deltek products. This will help your firm plan a course of action for your business development strategy.

Making Business Development Easy

Time is a precious commodity to all firms. With the many offerings from Deltek and Full Sail Partners, your business development efforts can be handled more efficiently and effectively. It is crucial to target business development if you want to set your firm apart from the competition. Use these resources and stay on top of the business development game.

Deltek Vision Workflows

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Full Sail Partners Introduces New Corporate Dress Code for Team Unification

Posted by Sarah Gonnella on Mon, Apr 01, 2019 @ 09:30 AM

We get it! Working remotely, far from coworkers and isolated, can make for tough work attire choices. Well you spoke, and we listened! In our ongoing attempts to unify, team build and reduce decision fatigue, we are proud to announce our new corporate dress code. Introducing the universal, one-size-fits-all-in-wonderful, versatile, and fashionable Full Sail Partners' Speedsuit!


Perfect for:

Working from home!


Working with clients!




And leisure.


The Full Sail Partners’ Speedsuit is machine washable, wrinkle, stain, and odor resistant to accommodate any lifestyle. The official Full Sail Partners cap is the perfect accessory for bad hair days whether you’ve just gotten up or not slept for 3 days. We’ve got you covered! Together, the Full Sail Partners uniform will be a key lynchpin to success.

But wait, there is more! Clients can get their own Full Sail Partners speedsuit to show your support. Contact us now for more details.


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Tips and Tricks for the New Year

Posted by Madeline O'Connor on Wed, Jan 30, 2019 @ 01:22 PM

Top 10 With the start of the new year, it is a perfect time to focus on areas of improvement. Along with making resolutions personally, many people see this time of year as one to revamp their workplace strategies. To support you in this process with your workplace resolutions, we have put together a list of tips and tricks.

Top Tips for the New Year

  1. Make sure you reopen a new benefit year to roll over previous benefits from the past year. If you are not manually adjusting, you should be initiating a new 1099 for the payment roll over.
  2. Adjust your multiplier in the beginning of the year so you can get a good look at your net profit.
  3. Make sure you prepare a new year budget so the monthly reconciliation for the bank is correct at the end of each month.
  4. Go through projects and vendors to make sure that the projects you have completed are set to dormant along with the vendors you no longer work with.
  5. Do not leave things to the last minute. If there are any errors, make sure you get them fixed immediately so they do not pile up later in the year.
  6. Make sure you log into Vision more often than just to complete timesheets. Frequently logging on to Vision is a good idea to make sure things are up to date and correct.
  7. Start using iAccess for your business development/CRM activities as well as time and expense.
  8. Commit to regularly updating your marketing content by spending one hour every Friday revising your projects and resumes with the information from the latest proposal. Put it on your and your marketing team’s calendar to make the time.
  9. Save consulting expense by not making journal entries to AR, AP, Revenue or Cash Accounts.
  10. Make sure, when billing, you resolve to post every transaction that you have and never undo posting.

Do More with Deltek Vantagepoint and Vision This New Year

With each new year comes both potential opportunities as well as challenges. Following these tips and tricks, you will get this new year off to a great start. Do more with Deltek Vantagepoint and Vision and help your firm run efficiently and effectively in 2019.

Need help reaching your goals this year? Click the link below to see how Full Sail Partners can help you achieve your goals.

Reach Full Sail Partners  

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Resources to Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Posted by Madeline O'Connor on Wed, Oct 31, 2018 @ 11:30 AM

BrainFull Sail Partners is dedicated to helping businesses be the best they can be. Therefore, we consistently provide a variety of resources offering much insight to our clients. These can be found on the resources tab of our website. From webinars and webcasts to whitepapers and events, we want to ensure our clients run at maximum efficiency. Let’s check these resources out.

FSP Webinars & Webcasts

With our webinars and past webcasts, you gain insight on valuable information from leaders and industry experts. Our webinars focus on many relevant topics providing you the tools needed to move your firm forward. If you missed a webinar, we have an archive page with all our past webinars. Just request the video and a PDF of the presentation you are interested in by filling out the form to the right. Some of our most recent past webinars include; Talent Solution Speed Session: Career Paths, and What to Measure, How to Measure, and Making Sense of it All. Don’t hesitate to find a webinar that will help you! 

Events & User Groups

Full Sail Partners conducts virtual user group meetings to help our clients learn more about Deltek products. We encourage you to contact your area representative to meet and network locally while viewing our virtual presentation as a group! The largest networking event for Deltek users is Deltek Insight, and this year it is November 5th-8th in Dallas, TX. The Full Sail Partners’ team will be presenting at Deltek Insight and topics include DPS (Vantagepoint), workflows, accounts payable process, and functional database. If you want to attend these classes at Deltek Insight 2018, you can register here. Interested in a Full Sail Partners’ speaker for one of your events? Fill out the form to the right of the Events & User Groups’ page and specify your company, topic, and how many people! 


Full Sail Partners provides complimentary whitepapers as a part of an ongoing effort to provide information about the newest technology and industry standards. These resources can help your business stay ahead of the competition. There are many to choose from to learn about solutions for your project-focused business. Some of these include: Benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning System, Growth and Transition, and Top 10 Recruiting Metrics HR Should Care About. Be sure to check out all of the amazing whitepapers we have to offer. 

eBooks by Deltek

To ensure users get the most out of their systems, Deltek has published a Dummies eBook series that addresses the importance of several tools and industry best practices. If you are interested in downloading a copy of an eBook, simply fill out the survey including your name and email. Some of the eBooks we have to offer include: Talent Management for Dummies, Resource Planning for Dummies, and Planning a Great Project for Dummies. Whatever topic you are struggling with, there is an eBook to help. 

Keep Learning! 

The more knowledge firms have, the more smoothly they will run. Full Sail Partners strives to continuously provide information to our clients that helps them achieve maximum efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. Keep an eye out for more resources as they come available!

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Reasons Why You Should Attend a Professional Conference

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, May 30, 2018 @ 11:35 AM

Get IdeasAttending a professional conference is a great way to learn solutions to obstacles you currently face, new ways to challenge yourself, and learning about trends in your industry. Additionally, you should never hesitate to ask your employer to allow you to attend a good and relevant conference on their dollar. Furthermore, managers should require employees to go to professional conferences to get out of the office and learn new things they can bring back to share with their coworkers. So, what are the benefits of attending a professional conference?

Network with Likeminded People

Sure, your LinkedIn network is huge. However, when was the last time you spoke to someone in your network face to face, or have you ever met them face to face? Professional conferences attract people from all different geographies from different continents to regional or smaller local conferences. In other words, conferences bring people together in one place in an environment that promotes talking to others. So, don’t be shy! Get out there and meet new people.

Get Fresh Ideas

In reality, you sit in our workspace and either not talk to coworkers about your ideas and their ideas because you are the only person in that role, or you’re talking to the same people about the same ideas every day. As a result, you tend to grow stale on the subject that you’re respected as an authority upon. Therefore, this is probably the number one reason to attend a professional conference.

When attending a conference, you get to attend seminars and panel discussions led by respected industry leaders and take part in roundtable sessions. Here you can get fresh ideas on challenges others are facing industry trends. Remember, you’re going to be inundated with a lot of information, so make sure to stay attentive and take notes.

Present Your Ideas to Others

In today’s age, your company’s brand is built on the brand of its employees. Prospects and clients are more likely to make a purchase from a company that they know, and trust employs thought leaders in their respected industry. This means employees must build their personal brand by showing they are a thought leader in their industry.

Becoming a thought leader requires making presentations about your ideas to peers to develop your “authority” reputation. It will also give you confidence in your work. Here’s a tip, make your presentation fun and interactive to keep the audience’s attention.  

Meet an Expert

You read their blogs and books, and if they have a television show or podcast, you probably tune into that too. Even more, their a mentor to you, but you’ve never talked or corresponded. However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Industry experts attend the conferences you should want to attend. They give presentations about their ideas, you know…the ones you read about, but now you can easily interact with your mentor and ask questions while attending a conference. Most importantly, experts also attend the conference social events, giving you a chance to have a face to face conversation. Keep in mind, they’re humans too. So, don’t get nervous when having your one on one time.

Make the Most of Every Professional Conference You Attend

Last tip! keep a pen handy and remember your business cards at all times! Conferences are short, and you’ll be having a lot of fun. Remembering what you talked to someone about and having them remember you isn’t easy. With your pen, write notes other people’s business cards about what you talked about and make sure you have your cards, so they can do the same. There are so many benefits to attending a conference, but it’s up to you to make the most out of it.

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Tips and Tricks for Deltek Vision Users

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, May 16, 2018 @ 11:35 AM


Deltek_Vision_Logo_16Deltek Vision is a powerful tool with many capabilities to ensure the success of project-based businesses. Despite the availability, users often overlook or simply just don’t know some of the things Vision can do to make their jobs easier. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to learn how to get more out of your Vision system.

10 Tips and Tricks for Deltek Vision Users

  1. You can create a Web dash part that links to a web site, a file, a report, or a Web Outlook site. Unlike the Links dash part, which can list many links, the Web dash part displays the content associated with a single link. To display a website on your dashboard, navigate to the Dashboard. Click on Configure > Add Web Dash part. In the Address Type choose HTTP to display a website. Then provide a Web Part Name and add the URL and click save.
  2. A UDIC or a User Defined Info Center can be created to track custom information in a separate Info Center. To create a UDIC, go to Configuration > General > User Defined Components, and click the New Info Center button at the top. Then name the Info Center and select Activities Grid or Files Grid to add those tabs. As with any Info Center, now add custom tabs, grids and tabs. 
  3. Display settings were introduced in Vision 7.0. You can find them in User Options. From here, you can change the color scheme of Vision. Each element has its own display setting. For example, you can make required fields a particular color such as yellow.  
  4. The Record Access tab of the Security roles now contains a checkbox called "Enable Self Service in Employee Review." To display the Employee Review form, click Human Resources from the Vision Navigation menu and then click on Employee Review.
  5. You can now edit Activities fields directly in the grid that is located in any Info Center. Previously, the fields in the grid were display-only and could only be edited by clicking the Edit option on the grid toolbar. 
  6. An Equipment Info Center comes with the addition of the Purchasing or Asset Management modules. It stores two types of items, asset items and equipment items.
  7. You can create a Client record from a Vendor record. Under the Vision Navigation Tree, click on Utilities > Advanced Utilities > Create Client from Vendor.  
  8. You can email or run a report at a later time. Use the Schedule dialog box which is available in applications where you can use the process servers, such as Reporting. The Schedule button also allows you to set-up reoccurring activities. For example, you could send a report every Monday to project managers.
  9. You can now exclude projects on a resume by the number of hours worked on a project in the Custom Proposals module. This new feature can be accessed when adding new Projects to a resume by checking "Only include Projects where this Employee worked more than this many hours" and inputting the number of hours. For example, you can exclude any projects that have less than 20 hours associated to an employee from showing up in your search criteria. 
  10. Each department head can enter their own General Ledger budgets and submit them through an approval process in Vision. Those budgets can then be combined into a company-wide General Ledger budget.

Do More with Deltek Vision

These tips and tricks should help you get more value from a tool like Deltek Vision. Remember, there are always ways to explore how your firm can better utilize Vision. Contact Full Sail Partners, and we will be happy to assist you in this endeavor.

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Top Free Resources for Deltek Users

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, Aug 16, 2017 @ 01:49 PM

Free Resources Yep, you read that right. I said free resources are available for Deltek users. Using these free resources, you can become more familiar with Deltek products and keep up with the newest features and how they work. Even more, Full Sail Partners and Deltek both offer these free resources for your consumption. So, what are these useful yet complimentary tools and where do you find them?

User Groups 

User groups are a great way to network with your peers, learn tips about how they utilize their systems and perhaps better ways to accomplish specific tasks. User group meetings are led by a Deltek expert and you will enjoy an interactive environment where you learn more about a feature and get questions answered in real time. Additionally, user groups provide the opportunity to talk with other users about challenges you may be having so you can discover solutions. Look for a user group in your area and check out our upcoming list of user group events.


Both Full Sail Partners and Deltek offer webinars on a variety of topics presented by subject matter experts. These webinars can be attended live or viewed later on demand. You can ask questions during live webinars and walk away with the answers you are seeking. Additionally, webinars can be attended from anywhere that has internet access making them extremely convenient. Check out a list of upcoming and on demand webinars here.


Full Sail Partners also offers short training videos and demos for Deltek Vision users. These give you the ability to learn as your schedule allows. In our YouTube videos, we show you how to complete time saving tasks so you can quickly move from novice to power user. The videos are packed with valuable information to benefit all users. Make sure to check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 


Our weekly blogs cover hot and relevant industry topics. Each blog is written to provide helpful insights and tips with the intention of keeping users up to date on all of the latest information available. You will find links to our blogs in our monthly newsletter or you can check out our blogs on our website. 

Stay Tuned for the Latest Free Resources

While you can always visit our website daily, there are other ways to keep in the loop. We use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to spread the word about our new educational resources. Also, make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter where you can find lists of new blogs, webinars, and events.

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Malware is Out to Get You

Posted by Heath Harris on Wed, Jul 19, 2017 @ 02:00 PM

MalewareIn today’s world of technology, computer users are faced with the constant threat of security issues. One wrong click of the mouse and your computer can be instantly crippled. It is not only important that you are aware of the types of threats that are out there, but you should also be familiar with the steps you can take to protect yourself.

Such security threats are collectively known as malware. The term malware is short for malicious software and references a variety of forms of intrusive software. It encompasses ransomware, spyware, viruses, email spoofing and multiple other malicious programs.

What’s Lurking Behind Your Next Click? 

Here’s a look at the different types of threats and the damage they do to your computer:

  • Computer Virus – A computer virus is a self-replicating program that can be spread via email or also by inserting copies of itself into other computer programs or documents. Viruses can lead to the inoperability of your computer and spread quickly to the computers of everyone you share files with or correspond with via email.
  • Ransomware – Like it sounds, ransomware literally holds a computer ransom by rendering it inoperable and attempts to extort “ransom” money from the unsuspecting victim. Ransomware is typically acquired via email messages and can be spread rapidly throughout the network.
  • Spyware – Spyware is an executable program that is extremely difficult to detect and has the ability of secretly gathering personal information about you or your company. Generally, it is not created to cause damage to your computer. However, it is utilized to monitor keystrokes, copy files and gather information about you. Spyware is most often installed on your computer with something you have clicked on, such as a pop-up ad, browser add-ons, or piggybacked on another software installation.
  • Email Spoofing – Email spoofing refers to sending emails with a sender address that is forged to make it look like it is sent from someone or somewhere other than where it came from. The sender of the email is hoping that the recipient will believe the forged address is from a legitimate person or company and will open it. Generally, spoof emails are more of a nuisance than anything, but they can contain links which install spyware, ransomware or viruses.

Protect Yourself from Malware Attacks 

The good news is that it is relatively easy to protect yourself from all the above-mentioned security attacks. In most cases, your IT person will have already taken measures to protect the network by installing firewalls, virus protection software and deploying DNS protection. The real question at hand is what can you do to help with the security of your information?

Here some of the measures you can take to be sure that you are doing your part:

  • Careful Clicking – Do not click on email attachments or links if you do not know the sender and you are not expecting the document. It is always best to open a browser and manually navigate to the website rather than click on a link which may or may not take you where you intend. Also, take a moment to run a virus scan on any attachments prior to opening them.
  • Smart Surfing – Always utilize pop-up blockers within your web browser and never enter personal, financial or any other sensitive information into any web browser that you have not manually navigated to.
  • Perform Routine Scans – At times, spyware threats and viruses can slip through the active protective engines due to the sheer number of new threats that are created daily. It is crucial that you update your malware protection and run system scans consistently.

Happy Clicking and Surfing 

Take these simple precautions to protect yourself from a software security breach. While all of this malware fear may seem a bit overwhelming, if you educate yourself, remain alert, and follow the measures listed above, your surfing and clicking will be worry free. Remember, keeping your data safe and secure is easily manageable.

Full Sail Partners Technology

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Travel and Expense Tips from a Road Warrior

Posted by Michael Kessler, PMP on Wed, Jun 21, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

AirplaneSo many people have suggested that I write a book about my travel experiences. After all, I average about 125,000 domestic miles each year and truly believe that, if I decorated my home with cheap hotel art and bolted down my television, my “layover” in Bakersfield, CA would be quite comfortable. Not to mention the miles and miles of test driving countless models of white cars you see in most hotel parking lots. Seriously though, I do love my job, and because it does require me to travel a lot, I have learned much and will now pass some tips on to you.

Complaining Gets You Nowhere 

I always try to remember to say “please” and “thank you” while mostly keeping my composure when the inevitable stressful situation arises. Gate agents, flight attendants and front desk clerks are simply messengers often delivering news that no one wants to hear. As a result, I make an effort to: 

  • Collect a business card of a manager to let him know how wonderful his team was and how well they handled even the most frustrating of situations
  • Send a note to corporate acknowledging the people that delivered great customer service 

These gestures usually ensure even better real-time service. In addition, knowing the management team at the properties you frequent establishes a good rapport and allows for them to proactively prepare for your next arrival being already aware of your preferences. 

Indirect Routes May Be More Direct 

I always consider different airports and frequently know the routes better than the airline representatives. Selecting an alternate airport can often be both cost and time saving provided you don’t mind a road trip. Also, choosing to drive between two clients within 250-300 miles is a good option which gives you the opportunity to stop and see new places. 

If you find yourself with an early flight on your return trip home, staying at an airport hotel is not only convenient but can be a cost savings. You can go ahead and turn in your rental car early and use a complimentary hotel shuttle. Most rental car companies will also drive you to your hotel if you just ask. 

Make Sure to Get Reimbursed for Expenses 

I have used many different expense report tools over the years beginning with the failsafe Excel and remember the days of sending my receipts via FedEx. Fortunately, I now use Concur Expense which is integrated into the Full Sail Partners’ Vision database using the Blackbox Connector. Concur makes filing expenses easy and streamlined. Using only my smart phone, I can take a picture, upload to Concur and complete my line item in seconds. 

Enjoy Your Travels! 

I hope that these tips will make your business travel a pleasure. I do strongly suggest you monitor your rewards programs to ensure you always receive what is due. Got to go, doors are closing, and it’s time for me to fly. 

Vision Integrates with Concur

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New Year’s Resolutions for Deltek Vision Users

Posted by Full Sail Partners on Wed, Jan 04, 2017 @ 02:18 PM

As the New Year starts, many people find it the perfect time to identify areas of opportunity to improve themselves. In addition to making resolutions for their personal lives, many people also focus on creating resolutions for the workplace. To support this process, our team of Deltek Vision experts at Full Sail Partners has put together a list of New Year’s Resolutions for Vision users.  

New Year's ResolutionsTop Resolutions for Vision Users

  1. Make sure your firm is using the most current version of Deltek Vision. The latest version is 7.6 and is full of new enhancements. Learn more about Vision 7.6 in this article.
  2. Clean up duplicate records in your Vision database, specifically the Vendor and Client records, to prevent billing errors and other problems.
  3. Go paperless for Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Approvals that require consultant/project manager sign-off.
  4. Setup a yearly reminder for the accounting department to run the 1099 Initialization process after all AP checks have been processed for the year and before any AP checks are processed in the next year. It can be run in either period since it is not period specific. This process transfers the “Paid This Year” amount to the “Paid Last Year” field on the Miscellaneous tab in the Vendor Table Maintenance and resets all vendor “Paid This Year” values to zero.
  5. Start using Revenue Generation in Vision to allow for recognizing project revenue as it is earned, matching revenue with expenses incurred to data. Without this, Vision recognizes revenue only as it is billed.
  6. Stop printing reports for directors and project managers. Instead, have them use the Vision Dashboard. Custom Dashparts can be created to give each user individualized information that is relevant to them.
  7. Remember to never un-post or create journal entries to control accounts. This is more about accounting best practices.
  8. Login to Vision more often than timesheet completion requires and manage your timesheet frequently to avoid over or under billing clients.
  9. Take the time to understand and implement standard functions in Vision such as Expense Report Approvals, using Benefits Accruals, and Account Groups for General Ledger Reporting to decrease workload.
  10. Plan to attend more Full Sail Partners’ webinars to learn helpful tips and new tricks in order to fully harness the power of Deltek Vision. Check out our past webinars here.   

Do More with Deltek Vision this New Year

With each New Year comes both potential opportunities as well as challenges. Begin this New Year by following these resolutions. Do more with Vision and save your firm much wasted time.

By the way, as you are closing up last year, check out our recent article about Year-End processes for Deltek Vision users here.

Do you have a tip of your own? Comment below with your New Year’s Resolutions for other Vision Users.

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