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LinkedIn: Stacey Ho, CPSM

Twitter: @Scatpdx 

Key Word
Stories. Personal and professional success, and sometimes failure, stories are the golden ticket to winning work.

Stacey Ho, CPSM

Stacey Ho CPSM

Professional History
With 15 years of experience providing services based sales marketing, Stacey Ho knows what it is like to walk in our clients shoes. Before joining Full Sail Partners in 2013, Stacey owned and operated her own consulting firm where she helped business develop and implement internal systems and tools that capture, store, and retrieve information useful in preparing sales proposals.

As a CRM Consultant, Stacey believes that stories are king. The stories of your personal and firm performance are the golden ticket to winning more work. It is Stacey's goal to help businesses build and better organize these very stories using Deltek Vision CRM and Custom Proposals.

Stacey earned her MBA in business and marketing from the University of Phoenix in 2007.

Stacey served as the 2013 Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Oregon Chapter President.  She is currently serving as the Past President, and is still greatly involved in the Oregon chapter. 

Extensive background in the following broad-based competencies:
Deltek Vision CRM / Proposal / SF330 Customization | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) | Database & Research Marketing | Corporate Branding & Identity | Proposal & Presentation Development | Graphic & Layout Design | Web, Social Media, SEO Design & Analysis | CRM data mapping from Deltek CRM.