Webinar Series: Talent Management for Dummies - Presented by Deltek 

Deltek LogoJoin us for the first of a five-part series, based on the informational book,Talent Management for Dummies, Deltek Special Edition.

For years, there has been talk of a “war for talent.”

It’s a battle that continues to gain increased attention – especially since the recent recession created a significantly reduced workforce who was asked to do more with less. The result? Increasingly, an organization’speople and its support for them became a company’s most valuable attribute, providing opportunities for differentiation and a competitive edge. 

In this webinar, Deltek expert Michelle Cipollone will highlight how the war for talent has affected today’s conditions. With so many open positions after the recession, companies are struggling to stand out from their competitors in order to not only attract the top talent but keep it.  Check out all parts of the entire series here.

Highlights include:

  • Understanding the challenges of a multi-generational workforce
  • The importance of aligning your talent management strategy with your business strategy
  • Why companies who are winning the war for talent are embracing technology to help them be competitive

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About the Speaker:

Michelle Cipollone
Senior Product Marketing Manager Deltek

Michelle is currently a Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek Talent Management. She has spent the last eighteen years working with firms helping understand trends, best practices and tools that help people and organizations streamline their business and processes. Most recently, she co-authored “Talent Management for Dummies.”