Webinar Series: Talent Management for Dummies

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Join us for the fourth webinar of a five-part series, based on the informational book, Talent Management for Dummies, Deltek Special Edition.

With staff turnover costing businesses at least $300K per employee, are you doing everything you can to keep your best people?

The best employees thrive on new challenges and new ways to succeed. Your organization must be ready to fulfill those needs if you want to keep those great team members from joining your competitors’ teams.

In this fourth educational installment in the series, Invest in Your People, Deltek expert Michelle Cipollone will focus on talent development and the ways your company can build up the workforce you have. Learn why you should measure not just how well the learning program is accepted, but what impact it’s having on real-life business metrics.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why learning and development is key to employee retention
  • Old ways of learning don’t work with the multi-generational workforce
  • Benefits of aligning learning programs to specific outcomes
  • How to start your journey towards talent development

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About the Speaker:

Michelle Cipollone
Senior Product Marketing Manager Deltek

Michelle is currently a Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek Talent Management. She has spent the last eighteen years working with firms helping understand trends, best practices and tools that help people and organizations streamline their business and processes. Most recently, she co-authored “Talent Management for Dummies.”