Project Information
Management (PIM)

Communicate and collaborate better than ever before with a project information management solution that’s truly a cut above.

Intuitive Control, Management and Integration

Store, organize and utilize critical information for every project.
Ensure data consistency across all platforms to better oversee each contract.
Flexible deployment, both in the cloud, and on-premise.

Keep your team informed and apprised of necessary updates and critical information with the power to:


Centralized Information Management

Manage, monitor and complete communications, access critical information, and standardize your operations.

Take control of documents & drawings

Save email correspondence, documents & drawings at the project level. Track revisions and and issue docs while maintaining control

the field

Access and log site data from mobile applications and equip office-based staff with real-time information from the field to help monitor project success

Coordinate projects effectively between your teams so vital information is always just a click away.

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Centralized Contract Management & Administration

Align your system to a single primary repository where requests for information and technical queries are available on demand so you can maintain trustworthy & reliable information-access across the firm. Create workflows and forms to standardize contract management and documentation.

Manage contract administration:

  • Submittals
  • RFIs
  • Collaboration with internal and external parties
  • Change Orders
  • Issuance, tracking, and version control of key project-related drawings & documents

A Single Methodology and a Single System

Keep lines of communication open and easy to track, and standardize document workflows so vital information is accessible at a moment’s notice:

  • Email management: Rapidly save project correspondence and attachments permanently in one centralized location, avoiding duplication.
  • Document management: Drive consistency and quality assurance with firm-wide access to vital documents and data, and ensure everyone is working from the latest versions of your documents.

Eye-Catching, Unified Visuals

Creating drawings from the same schemes library to meet CAD standards is easy when you are using a single worklist per project throughout your entire firm. Make trackable workflows, and set deadlines to improve production.

Clarify processes across project portfolios, clone drawing numbers from template projects and speed up the production of new drawings.

Work from a unified model with Revit integration. Deliver a quality output that’s in line with your practice standards, speed up your processes and synchronize model sheet information with a live drawing register. Give your teams the power to monitor approvals and statuses at a click of a button.

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