Project Analyzer

Project Analyzer is a visual resource planning software that enables project managers to quickly schedule, budget and staff projects. This visual project management tool enables firms to improve project planning by focusing on predictable and profitable delivery. Up to date project plans enable managers and firm executives to make more informed decisions around firm staffing, performance and revenue forecasts.

The Project Analyzer enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily build and maintain schedules
  • Staff projects in detail by role, discipline or specific employee name
  • Combine planning, scheduling, and budget information with Vision’s cost and billing data for a complete view
  • Identify variances between planned and actual usage by project, phase, or assignment
  • View labor available and fee remaining to meet project profitability targets
  • Continuously evaluate and adjust project plans and budgets based on actual labor and planned staffing
  • Standardize your planning process with a common system across the firm