The Power of Feedback: Know, Engage, & Retain Your Clients

Why Do Clients Leave?

A past study by SMPS revealed why clients leave a firm. The research indicated:

    • The relationship between employee attitudes and client related variables accounted for 40-80% of client satisfaction and client loyalty and most firms lost a client due to attitude of indifference toward the client by some employee more than any other reason.
    • The research went on to show that 54–70% of clients who register a complaint will do business with the firm again if their complaint is resolved.
    • If their issue is resolved promptly, retention of the client jumps to 95%.
    • The problem is, the average business never hears from 96% of unhappy clients.


Perception is Reality! So What Can You Do About It?

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Harness the power of feedback! Reliable feedback is essential to fully understanding client's goals, needs, priorities and preference designs. Project teams must constantly fine-tune their performance in order to retain clients.

Full Sail Partners has teamed up with Client Feedback Tool to provide a solution that integrates with Deltek Vision®. This process allows you to gather client feedback through your project ensuring you stay within client expectations.

The Client Feedback Tool helps your firm collect and incorporate feedback from your clients. More importantly, it allows a firm to understand how to fine-tune their performance for maximum benefit. This patented process builds client awareness of the designer's true value, resulting in client loyalty and long-term firm prosperity. 

By keeping client expectations in alignment with your actions, you will see the following benefits:

  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Increase your profitability
  • Enhance deliverables
  • Strengthen staff performance
  • Decrease your liability

Ensure you stay within client expectations by learning more about the Client Feedback Tools:

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Questions Clients Ask:

  • What reports are available?
  • Does this Tool integrate with Deltek Vision?
  • How does the tool gather & organize information?
  • How soon after purchasing Client Feedback Tool can I utilize the Tool?
  • What are the system requirements for Client Feedback Tool?
  • How much will it cost my firm to use the Tool?

To answer these questions or request a demo, please fill out the form to the right. Alternately, feel free to call (888.552.5535 x2) or email. We look forward to discussing further how Full Sail Partners can help.