Deltek Vantagepoint

Add a powerful, feature-rich ERP to your toolbox and get your entire team working on the same page of the same book.

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Purpose-Built Project Management ERP

Increase profitability and productivity.
Gain visibility on all facets of your work—anywhere and any time.
Manage an entire project lifecycle with instant access to business-critical information.

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Vision to Vantagepoint Upgrade Services

We’ll give you a personalized, detailed map to systematically navigate the switch from Deltek Vision to Vantagepoint in three simple steps:


Receive a fully detailed readiness report

Get critical Vision database details to customize and configure the preview environment.

Train team members and make adjustments

Fine-tune the system and hone system-based skills for a smooth changeover and precise configuration.

Seamlessly transition to full production

Save time with automated conversion and easy upgrades that capture all changes made in preview.

Discover Deltek Vantagepoint’s streamlined solutions and full-bodied feature suites that support the work of your entire organization.

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Project Lifecycle

A One-Stop-Shop Solution for Every Department

Deltek Vantagepoint is a true showstopper. Why? It supports the entire project lifecycle from start to finish. At Full Sail Partners, we’re proud to give project-based firms the power and the tools they’ve been seeking, all thanks to the power of Deltek Vantagepoint.

Gain accounting and financial management

Harness a sophisticated, all-encompassing solution for every aspect of fiscal performance. Generate intuitive reports and invoices, streamline approvals and accounts, improve data integrity, and boost bottom lines.


Command CRM and pipeline management

Track down, win and retain meaningful projects, build a strong pipeline, and acquire reliable data and key information on the go. Nurture client relationships, pursue the right projects, and build unforgettable, winning.

Peak the potential of project management

Steer full projects and engagements from pursuit to close, and allocate resources to minimize team burnout. Create quick estimates, develop detailed plans, chart financials to get paid sooner and see project progress in an instant for rapid results.

Reaffirm and revive resource management

Pinpoint the right people and resources based on their strengths and availability for endlessly unbeatable performance. Get instant expense visibility, balanced workloads, and at-a-glance awareness of gaps and opportunities.

Research reporting and firm insights

Take advantage of interactive dashboards and insightful reports for a thorough awareness of fiscal and organizational wellbeing. Discover where to optimize performance by making adjustments, and drive your business forward.
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A Cloud-Based System That Empowers Operations

Take full advantage of a cloud-based system that emphasizes security, privacy and flexibility with top-tier service providers—and empowers enterprise operations in the cloud.

Shake up company operations with better performance, faster connection and lower operating costs that can be accessed from anywhere and scaled at a moment’s notice. Deltek Vantagepoint offers unmatched support, security and compliance for a solution that will quickly improve business operations from top to bottom.

Benefits of Vantagepoint

A One-Stop-Shop Solution for Every Department

As a fully integrated cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution, Deltek Vantagepoint will send your profit and productivity levels through the roof. Critical information is just a breath away, and workflows are transparent and streamlined.

Deltek Vantagepoint users are delighted by these outcomes:

  • Higher win rates
  • Increased resource utilization
  • Improved profitability
  • Increased chase flow
  • Complete visibility and control
  • Real-time data for informed decision making

Empower the Entire Team

Deltek Vantagepoint has been designed to support a project from start to finish, which means it fulfills the needs of everyone involved. Learn more about how Deltek Vantagepoint is the perfect fit for each of the roles within project-based firms:

Discover Deltek Vantagepoint’s streamlined solutions and full-bodied feature suites that support the work of your entire organization.

Project-Based Work Delivered Efficiently

With more than 22,000 customers worldwide, Deltek is the leading provider of enterprise management software for project-based organizations, including:

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Consulting

Anywhere project-based work is being done, Deltek Vantagepoint is bringing entire teams of people together, making workflows clearer and more efficient, conserving resources, and bolstering profits.

Learn more about how Full Sail Partners is supporting the work of our clients through Deltek Vantagepoint by viewing our featured firms.

Guided Implementation

A Well-Charted Guide to Navigate the Shift

Leave no stone unturned. Strategic planning sessions and a deep dive into organizational goals and operations mean each Full Sail Partner implementation plan is personally tailored to maximize efficiency. Plan for current and future needs, champion the transition with crystal-clear direction, and define and follow trackable results.

Our clients benefit from our tireless guidance at each step of implementation, so they end up with a solution that’s tailored to support their processes, goals and desired outcomes. And when it’s time for us to let go and hand over the wheel? They’re fully trained on a system that optimizes performance in every department.

Get a full picture of the implementation process from start to finish here.