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Here’s a list of what we’ve got planned in the weeks ahead:

March 2
SuperCharge Your ComputerEase and Outpace the Competition
March 2
Equip Your Project Teams with Deltek Vantagepoint
March 3
Q1 2021 Deltek PIM Customer Town Hall
March 9
Optimize Your Business Development Efforts with Vantagepoint CRM
March 10
Powering Project Success with Deltek Vantagepoint – Track & Monitor Marketing Efforts using Marketing Campaigns
March 11
Protect Your Business with Better Email Management
March 16
Key Principles for Construction Business Success
March 17
The Future of Business Intelligence with Deltek Vantagepoint
March 18
Q1 Deltek Vantagepoint Customer Town Hall
March 18
Why Take Vision / Vantagepoint to the Cloud?
March 24
The Project Lifecycle of Deltek Vantagepoint
March 24
Q1 Deltek Vision Customer Town Hall
March 31
Q1 Deltek + ComputerEase Customer Town Hall

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