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Maximize the potential of your organization’s top asset—your people—with a fully unified platform to acquire and develop your best possible team.

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A Single Unified Talent Management Solution

Soar far beyond basic integration with a built-in platform.
Construct a solution that works for you, and select only the solutions you need.
Manage your entire employee lifecycle process, and develop an unstoppable, winning team.

We’ll streamline and simplify your operations so you can recruit, onboard, develop, compensate and track your employees with:


Managing Teams More Efficiently

Get at-a-glance views of your entire team from a single screen beginning at the moment of hiring.
Connecting The Data

Connecting data that matters

Integrate key fields between Talent and your Deltek ERP

Deeper, advanced analytics

Track your organization’s progress with both out-of-the-box and flexible custom reporting options

Acquire the tools you need to hire and develop a team that thrives by design.

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Recruit and Build an Exemplary Team

Take advantage of fast, easy-to-use, reliable software that optimizes your unique processes. Your most important resource is your team, but navigating the hiring, onboarding, training and developing of a team can be a challenge.

Deltek Talent makes the process easy and reliable with feature-rich options, including:

Applicant Tracking System

Find, engage, hire and onboard employees quicker to get them converted and billable on your active and upcoming projects.

Learning Management System

Store your entire training and learning catalog online, conduct courses online, build and develop your own learning plans and curriculums, and manage training histories.

Performance & Development

Manage employee appraisal process through various flexible approaches. Also implement development plans and career paths to aid your employees growth in your firm.

Compensation Management

Manage salary, bonus, and related benchmarking calculations to ensure your firm is staying competitive.

Core HR

Expanded employee record, personal & contact details, and detailed history tracking for title and salary changes.

Deltek Talent: A World-Class Solution

Employed by more than 1,400 companies of all sizes across all industries, Deltek Talent is designed to build your team the way you want to. Deltek Talent currently represents 80 countries in over 28 languages—and for good reason.

Each solution can be purchased on its own, so you get only what you need—or fully nurture your organization’s potential with a complete end-to-end Talent Management Solution. Find and retain top-tier talent, reduce hiring and training costs, and elevate overall efficiency.

What makes it the premier choice?

  • Sync Deltek Talent with Deltek Vantagepoint, or operate it as its own standalone product
  • Utilize the full Deltek Talent suite, or just choose the individual modules you need
  • Deployed exclusively in the cloud, so no software to install and manage locally from an IT perspective

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