Deltek Collaboration: A Social Collaboration Tool

Organize, discuss and get things done with Deltek Collaboration today!

Deltek Deltek Collaboration is a cloud-based, social collaboration platform designed with people and conversations in mind. Rather than just focusing on tasks and the professional project managers (although perfect for them too), the goal was to establish a destination for people to connect, get organized and get things done across different situations, projects and “spaces.” Deltek Collaboration enables and empowers communities of members to be productive—individually, within teams or across different groups—across their life projects.

Collaborate socially. Pick the right channel! 

Like anything, social collaboration can only thrive when there is both adoption and consistent engagement. While companies will spend billions on collaborative efforts and facilitation tools, engagement is often minimal at best. Ask yourself, would you use:

  • Facebook to manage a project team?
  • Twitter to update a project team member of a change in schedule?
  • Sharepoint to plan a wedding?
  • LinkedIn to post an important project file?

NO! Most people rely on email and there are inherent challenges with that, as we have all experienced for years. How do we fix this tedious process of countless messages filling our inboxes without the context needed to manage our daily and long-term projects, tasks, to-do lists and relationships?  Deltek Collaboration, thats how!

Deltek Collaboration takes a different approach, which centers productivity and project management around individuals and their groups of people across their lives. So, Deltek Collaboration users manage work projects, organize family and volunteer activities, arrange soccer schedules and more from a centralized life dashboard. After all, life is your biggest project. 

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Questions Clients Ask:

  • How do I share or integrate my Deltek Collaboration calendar with other internet calendars, or Outlook?
  • Are there a maximum number of spaces I can create or join?
  • How much storage space is included with Deltek Collaboration?
  • Can I access Deltek Collaboration on my mobile phone?
  • How much will it cost my firm to use the Tool?

To answer these questions or request a demo, please fill out the form to the right. Alternately, feel free to call (877.552.5535 x2) or email. We look forward to discussing further how Full Sail Partners can help.