Deltek Touch: A Mobile ERP Solution for Project-Based Firms!

Deltek Touch is a mobile ERP software that represents a fundamentally new way of leveraging Deltek Vision. With Deltek Touch, information from your Deltek system becomes available and actionable from a mobile device. Deltek Touch is comprised of Deltek Touch CRM and Deltek Touch Time and Expense. Each application is designed to intelligently relate to each other so that project-based companies can have a holistic view of their projects, clients, and tasks, on-the-go, from any location. 

Deltek Touch Time and Expense

Deltek Touch Time and Expense enables professionals to submit and track time for project-based activities with mobile access directly from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Stay up-to-date with your timesheet while on the go! 




Deltek Touch CRM

Deltek Touch CRM allows you to be proactive rather than reactive with the needs of your clients. Stay in tune with real time information about your clients by accessing your Deltek CRM system on your mobile device.  



How does Deltek Touch help your firm improve mobile efficiency?

Deltek Touch will create and push important alerts tailored to specific roles so executives, business developers, finance professionals, project managers, and other key company stakeholders can stay on top of actions that require immediate attention when they are outside of the office.

Deltek Touch enables you to be proactive rather than reactive to the needs of your business. Through Deltek Touch you expand your capabilities, productivity and efficiency on-the-go, giving you information at your fingertips that allows you to stay on top! Improve profitability, accelerate cash flow and grow your business with the power and connectivity of Deltek Touch!

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