iAccess for Deltek Vision 

Web Based Project Management That Changes the Way Project Managers Work

iAccess is a new workflow management software intended to give project managers what they need to plan, manage, and monitor their projects – in a streamlined and consolidated manner. This tool benefits project managers by giving them just what they need to do their job, while simultaneously benefiting the organization through more closely monitored projects. Collection of project data is more accurate and project information is more complete, resulting in more profitable projects.

iAccess for Deltek Vision gives firms:

  • A management portal for on-the-go project managers
  • The ability to easily capture data, manage projects remotely, and share status with everyone
  • Project control for project managers and project visibility for the firm

iAccess is a one-stop shop for web based project management. It’s browser independent and tablet ready for access on-the-go anywhere you have an internet connection.

iAccess and Kona Integration

Kona is a cloud-based, social collaboration platform that enables and empowers communities of members to be productive—individually, within teams or across different groups—across their life projects.

iAccess integrates with Kona and is the ideal workflow management software for project teams in various offices or even separate companies. iAccess' web based project management allows project managers to link their project to a Kona space. Setting up a separate space for your project in Kona is easy! Once this link is in place, you can then interact with Kona conversations, tasks, events, and files directly from the iAccess interface. All files on Kona are stored in the cloud providing you access from anywhere, anytime.

Project Managers can communicate with their team members (both internal to their organization and external to their organization), view a project calendar, assign execution tasks to team members and access files associated with the project from within iAccess. For example, if a project manager is building the plan for a project and would like to ask a team member about the plan they can do so directly in iAccess via a Kona conversation - streamlining the process and capturing the information in a single location.

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