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To Be a Project Manager or Not to Be…That is the Question

Posted by Michael Kessler, PMP on Wed, Oct 18, 2017 @ 04:00 PM

Project Manager As I travel around and work with clients implementing Vision Resource Planning, the issue of what makes a good project manager (PM) is often discussed. The PM track has always been perceived as a measurement of success in one’s career. As employees become more tenured within a firm, there seems to be a natural progression to the PM role. However, not everyone who is strong technically is able to effectively manage projects. Based on my experience, to be a good PM requires proficiency in certain key areas.

Scope Management

A good PM must be involved in defining the scope of the project and needs to play a role in the proposal process. Scope can be narrowed down to what has been promised to the client, or in other words, what is to be delivered. The various components of scope are usually defined and controlled by a project’s work breakdown structure and can include interim deliverables and milestones. 

Equally, if not more important, a good PM should be aware of what is not in the scope. Scope creep is the number one killer of profit. To avoid this, a good PM needs to be very familiar with what is in the contract and when to ask for change orders. 

Schedule Management 

Schedule is the order in which the scope needs to be delivered. This is also called a critical path which defines what and when things need to happen to ensure all interim and final scope delivery. A good PM needs to understand the concept of task dependency and how delays and disruptions can impact future delivery. Scope and schedule management work in tandem and scope creep can impact a schedule. 

Team Management 

A good PM needs to be a committed leader. While “leading by example” may seem cliché, it is a solid guideline to follow as a PM. Even more, a PM must make sure the entire team understands scope and schedule and will keep them inside the white lines to avoid scope creep. 

Financial Management 

To make prudent, yet quick decisions about the financial health of projects, a PM should be provided reliable data. A good PM should understand what indicators are needed to make this health assessment. I believe earned value is the best indicator. By comparing a project’s physical to financial percent complete, a PM and others can measure the “direction” that the project is heading. Once again, scope creep should easily be identified using this measurement.

Client Management 

The human component of project management can be challenging. A good PM should be able to make every client feel important while also filtering and prioritizing so that the scope, schedule and financial components of all projects are properly tended too. A good PM must also be effective in communicating scope creep to the client and should utilize the relationship to secure the change orders that are warranted. 

Quality Management 

Finally, a good PM must have his “hands” on the product whether it be a report, widget, skyscraper or bridge. He must have the technical knowledge to guarantee the product can pass inspections and be accepted by the client. He must also be able to trouble shoot issues, manage challenges that arise, and always be cognizant of the scope to ensure the work performed is within the contractual obligation to avoid scope creep. 

Are Your Project Managers the Right Fit? 

All the above must be considered to determine whether someone makes a good PM. A PM may not have mastered all areas, but needs to be effective in each. These key areas are interrelated and critical to one another. Strong technical knowledge does not necessarily translate to successful PM skills. How do your PMs stack up?

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Deltek Releases New Support Center

Posted by Amy Balassone on Wed, Oct 11, 2017 @ 02:34 PM

Deltek rolled out its new customer support center on Monday, October 9th, 2017. The support center has been improved allowing users to learn, connect and more effectively manage their experiences. Entering the Deltek Support Center after October 9th, you now see a message that looks like this:

Deltek Support Center Welcome ScreenDeltek Support Center Welcome Screen

New Login Feature

There is a new login feature when using the enhanced support center. You will still navigate to the same URL that you previously used. Prior to the new help center, you would have seen a login button and an account assistance button. However, you will notice that, where the account assistance button used to be, it now says “Need Help?”

Deltek Support Center Login Screen
Deltek Support Center Login Screen

When you click on “Need Help?,” you now have the option to chat with someone. This feature offers the real-time ability to speak with a Deltek professional who can assist you. To access the chat, you will need to enter your email address and then click “Start a Chat.”

Deltek Support Center Login Assistance Screen
Deltek Support Center Login Assistance Screen

To get back to the login page from this page, you will need to click the silhouette Silhouette.png in the top right corner. This will enable you to log into the support center.

Stay Up to Date with Notifications

After logging in, you will receive the critical info pop-up announcing the new site. When you close this pop-up, or if you are logging in after the alert has been removed, you will immediately be presented with a list of notifications.

Deltek Support Center Notifications Popup
Deltek Support Center Notifications Popup

Key highlights of the notifications popup include:

  • The notifications are equivalent to the old alerts and announcements section
  • You can hide the notifications popup if you do not wish for it to popup every time you open the support center
  • Global notifications are color coded: high (red), med (yellow) and low (green)
  • You will only see alerts for the products that you own
  • You can click on the number in the orange square at the top of the screen which indicates how many notifications there are if you choose to hide the notifications

Manage Your Deltek Support Center Account

In the upper right, you will see the gear icon. This icon allows you to open the “My Account” section. This is where you update your profile settings, and you can also see the current support plan you have.

Deltek Support Center Account Management Screen
Deltek Support Center Account Management Screen

The account management section allows you to change the following:

  • Password
  • Preferred language
  • If you want or do not want to see notifications

Get Support for Your Deltek Products

The search bar offers you the ability to look for forums, posts and knowledge based articles using specific words or phrases. Everyone will see the learn and connect information boxes, and if you are an administrator, there will be an additional box that will be available. Below the information boxes are “Trending Topics,” which show the top ten articles for the products that you own for the last thirty days. You will only see the topics in this list that relate to the products that you own.

Deltek Support Center Main PageDeltek Support Center Main Page

Depending on the level of support you have, you will possibly see up to six icons. The icons you view are driven by permissions. If you can’t find the answer, submit a case. Deltek will then research your inquiry. Availability, however, depends on the type of service plan you have purchased. Here are the options you will see depending on your license agreements:

  • Cloud Solutions- You will see this is if you own a Saas product. When clicking this icon, you will be able to choose the cloud solution you are needing help with. This will open a wide range of help topics specific to your needs.
  • Initiate a Chat- This icon allows you to enter a chat with Deltek staff. Be sure to check the bottom of the chat page for specific hours of availability.
  • Product Downloads- The Deltek Software Manager (DSM) is your central place to download all the Deltek products you own, including all service packs and hot fixes.
  • Manage Cases- Here you can check the status, view details, and update your support cases. Previously called, “My Support Cases.”
  • Purchase On-Demand - Deltek's “On-Demand Support” is available for situations that require brief, one-time access to our support experts for situations that are not covered by your annual maintenance fee.

If you have less than three icons available, they will not show. You can still access the available options by going to the upper left-hand corner of the screen and utilizing the menu to navigate to your desired destination.

Enjoy the New Deltek Support Center

As you can see, the new customer service center is not only user friendly, but it eliminates information that does not pertain to you. The updated service center’s ultimate goal is to help you continue to get the most out of your Deltek product. Click here for more information about the Deltek Support Center.

Deltek Customer Care

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Think Outside the Box with Deltek Vision’s Approval Engine

Posted by Rana Blair on Wed, Oct 04, 2017 @ 02:51 PM

Think Outside the BoxAt a recent client meeting, it was brought to light how many of my clients don’t use Deltek Vision’s approval engine capabilities. I thought how crazy that notion was because using the approval engine can save clients so much paper and time. Let me share with you what this firm experienced in dealing with approvals, and let’s see how many of you can think outside the box and see the benefits of Deltek Vision’s approval engine.

Packed with Paper 

Here’s where the story begins. A little time back, I was with a client when a principal walked in with a banker’s box full of papers. He was preparing to leave for vacation and had carefully assembled all the paperwork he needed to take care of while he was away. I asked what was in the box, and he explained that he had to approve the consultant invoices and then review the client invoices. He had packed all the project folders and everything was ready so he could speed through them on vacation and bring them back to accounting when he returned. 

In my mind, I was screaming for several reasons. First, who wants to work on your vacation? Next, so many things could happen to those papers like losing some on the plane or spilling wine when reviewing them. Not to mention, accounting is put on hold until he returns, the consultant’s invoices can’t get entered until billing is processed and how will he really know when he is done. By the way, how does he even keep track of action items using his box and paper system? 

Let’s Think Out of the Box 

Not wanting to overwhelm this principal just hours before he was set to go, I calmed the voices in my head and simply said, “You know, one day I am going to take your box away from you and you won’t miss it.” With a perplexed look, he asked me how. I explained that we could process the consultant invoices electronically. Accounting could scan the invoices, and after being scanned into the system, various parties would then do their part to approve or reject the invoice in Deltek Vision based on the business rules. 

The entire process could be done in the Deltek Vision system, and the status and notes would be visible to everyone along the way. As soon as there was final approval, accounting could continue processing the invoice and post it in Vision. The copy would be attached to the next Invoice and no box would be required. 

Coming into the Light 

Despite my description of the approval engine process, the principal remained unconvinced. He instantly presented a list of objections which I confidently addressed one by one: 

“I need to see project details as I am reviewing.” “No problem, use the project review tool in the approval application.” 

“Sometimes I want the project manager to look at it before I approve it.” “The system is designed so you can delegate or reassign approvals.” 

“There are also times that I need accounting to send the invoice back to the consultant.” “That’s why when you reject it, you must notate why in the dialog box. The system sends the message to accounting for you.” 

“We must have paper copies for taxes and legal things.” “Maybe, but IRS has been accepting electronic copies since 1995.” 

After my most excellent retorts to his arguments, the principal finally realized that using Deltek Vision’s approval engine capabilities was a viable option. I further explained that with his current Vision system, he can use electronic approvals to handle vacation requests, departmental budgets, expense reports and more. Before, he just hadn’t seen the value of thinking outside of his box. Now his box could instead be used for vacation souvenirs. 

Use Deltek Vision’s Approval Engine 

This is a true story, but not at all unique. In the past, there was not a fully integrated system. Many firms had given up on going paperless, and the final handshake always required touching that piece of paper one last time. However, with Deltek Vision’s approval engine, firms can now truly eliminate the need to physically transport documents in their boxes. Rather, thinking outside of their boxes, they can reduce processing times and provide unprecedented visibility into status and condition of their invoices.

Deltek Vision Approvals Engine  

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Planning for Success with Change Management

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on Wed, Sep 27, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Success Charles Darwin once said, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” In the 21st century, with constantly evolving technology and ever present social media, competition for the same resources has dramatically increased. Firms must adapt to their new environments or risk extinction. Change management, the approach used to prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change and thus drive organizational success, is vital to a firm’s continued existence.

Reasons for Change

So, in today’s environment, what are some reasons firms must change? Well, there are many different reasons change is necessary. It could be to improve productivity or the quality of products to meet customer demands. Perhaps change is necessary to reduce costs or increase revenue to keep up with the competition? Maybe revised processes are required due to the enactment of new policies or laws? Regardless of the reason, change is necessary and is a constant.

Overcome the Challenge of Change

Of course, often hearing the word “change” strikes fear in the hearts of many as an employee. It is inevitable that the rumor mills will begin and embellished stories will be passed around the firm. The best way to thwart the challenge of change is for leadership to be proactive using a change management strategy. Change management includes several key components:

  • Clear vision from management
  • A detailed action plan
  • Transparency to minimize uncertainty
  • Employee involvement
  • Skills and resources provided for employees to handle the change
  • Buy-in from employees

As long as these components are part of your firm’s change management plan, it is up your particular firm’s discretion to choose the method to handle the specific change required. If needed, there are several models available for review by firm leadership.

Change Management Models

Here are three change management models:

  • The Eight Steps to Successful Change by John Kotter - begins by establishing a sense of urgency and ends with institutionalizing the change
  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle by W. Edwards Deming - four steps
  • Change Management Foundation - shaped like a pyramid with leadership at the top setting direction and people implementing change at the bottom 

Don’t Fear the Change

In the words of Winston Churchill, “to improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” Firms will spend years in pursuit of perfection as the world continues to evolve. However, with a change management strategy in place, your firm can continue to successfully tackle the unknown without fear.

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Full Sail Partners Recognized on Accounting Today’s 2017 VAR 100 List

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on Tue, Sep 26, 2017 @ 11:15 AM


2017 VAR 100Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Platinum Partner, is proud to announce that it has been recognized by Accounting Today on the top 100 VAR list for 2017. Accounting Today annually chooses the top value-added resellers (VARs), and Full Sail Partners has been ranked in the top 100 again this year. Not only was Full Sail Partners named on the 2017 list, but it impressively moved up in ranking by fifteen. 

“We are thrilled to move up the ranks on Accounting Today’s VAR 100 list,” stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing & Sales at Full Sail Partners. “This accomplishment is a result of having a diverse and talented team that can address not only today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s challenges as well. Over the past couple of years, we have invested in building the right team and developing our Blackbox Connector to allow project-based firms to connect Deltek products to other best of breed solutions. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.”   

Accounting Today also reported recognized trends from this year's top 100 VARs. Some of those trends included responding to talent demands, adapting to the cloud, and smaller clients demanding better technology and analytics. Full Sail Partners has positioned itself to respond to these exact needs. With its Blackbox Connector capabilities and emerging business intelligence offerings, Full Sail Partners intends to keep developing solutions to fit client growth and desires.

Here is the full 2017 VAR list: http://pages.marketing.accountingtoday.com/act_77836_sr_lp.html 

Accounting Today is a leading provider of online business news for the accounting community, offering breaking news, in-depth features, and a host of resources and services. The VAR 100 list is annual report developed to rank the top technology resellers in the account and ERP space.  

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 

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Winning on All Fronts –Successful Team Management with Deltek

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, Sep 20, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Team of Professionals The long-term success of a sports team cannot be determined by looking at just one factor. For a sports team to truly excel, it must triumph on many fronts. From scouting the best talent to strategizing offensive and defensive plays for cohesive team execution, the team manager must create a winning formula that, when utilized, brings continuous success for the team. This is also true for professional services firms, and finding the right formula for your team can become less of a guessing game with the tools available from Deltek. Let’s see how Deltek can help your firm knock it out of the park.

Winning the War for Talent

We all know that finding and attracting the best players for your team is a time-consuming process. Even more, tracking their training and development can be laborious. With Deltek Talent, however, professional services firms can easily overcome these challenges.

Deltek Talent provides a complete view of the entire human capital management process. From recruiting new talent to career development and employee performance management, Deltek Talent is a unified talent management solution designed to help your firm recruit and retain top talent. Using this Deltek tool, your team will be a group of all-stars.

Winning Repeat and New Business

Taking advantage of every opportunity and identifying every weakness in your opponent is how to win a game, and the same can be said for acquiring business in the professional services industry. Using Deltek CRM, your firm will gain visibility into the entire business development process, from prospect to opportunity to gaining the new business. Most importantly, presenting your winning solution in a compelling way to your key contacts is vital to setting your firm apart from the competition.

With Deltek CRM, you can access the actual past performance of similar projects you’re bidding on with the data stored within Deltek Vision and Deltek for Professional Services. This feature easily allows you to create proposals based on actual firm performance, and they are quick to produce with the proposal automation capabilities of Deltek CRM. Now, that’s a game changer.

Winning with Project Delivery

To build your game plan, you must first know who is available to play or whose injury would prevent the best performance. The same goes for project management in a professional services firm. Using Deltek Vision and Deltek for Professional Services, your firm will have the resource planning capabilities needed to ensure staff utilization is being maximized so that you are never blindsided in your projects. Even more, instant access to project metrics and performance data helps guarantee projects will stay on track.

Win with Deltek

In Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, by Michael Lewis, there is a Pete Palmer quote, “Managers tend to pick a strategy that is the least likely to fail, rather than to pick a strategy that is most efficient. The pain of looking bad is worse than the gain of making the best move.” Fortunately, professional services firms don’t need to play this guessing game when using Deltek tools. Let Deltek help your team find the right formula to win on all fronts. Wouldn’t you like to have the upper hand?

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Introducing Deltek for Professional Services

Posted by Ryan Felkel on Wed, Sep 13, 2017 @ 02:00 PM

Deltek for Professional Services  Welcome to Deltek for Professional Services (DPS), the next generation solution for professional services automation (PSA). If PSA is a new term for you, think of it as a specialized system like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution except specifically designed for the professional services industry. Also, check out this short article to learn more about PSA.  So, what can DPS do for your firm? Let’s see how this new cutting-edge solution will add value.

What is Deltek for Professional Services?

At its core, Deltek for Professional Services is a solution to assist your professional services firm with overcoming industry challenges and give you the tools needed to gain a competitive advantage. Whether it’s winning more work, recruiting new talent, providing top-notch project delivery or accurate forecasting of final performance, DPS will help your firm stay focused on the future. As a complete and all-inclusive package, DPS will positively affect all the core areas of your business by streamlining your processes.

Intelligent Business Development

Knowing if you have enough pipeline to meet your firm’s future goals is critical to measuring the success of your business development efforts. With Deltek for Professional Services, you can eliminate business development shortcomings by providing your team with a collaborative platform to enable every team member to stay engaged and up to date. Even more, DPS is an integrated solution that allows your business development team to create proposals based on the historic performance of your firm. As a result, your firm can create actual target revenues per account and realistic revenue forecasting.

Simplified Project Management   

Using Deltek for Professional Services, building a project plan has never been easier. With an improved user interface based on iAccess for Deltek Vision, DPS allows project managers to develop plans based on the performance of similar projects. Managers can simply build key performance indicators (KPIs) and milestones into these plans which can track the success of a project. Furthermore, these KPIs and milestones can be used to develop a project management dashboard that lets project managers see all critical project information on a single screen.

Improved Financial Insights

Tracking project profitability can be challenging. However, Deltek for Professional Services makes this process simple by eliminating the guessing game with dashboards and alerts to let you know how a project is faring. DPS allows you to monitor the key metrics that can determine the success of a project like margins, utilization, and cash flow. With this tracking system, you can keep your finances on target.

Transitioning to Deltek for Professional Services

Ready to make the move? Deltek has a plan to transition your firm to DPS if your firm is currently on Deltek Vision. Contact us to find out more about preparing for the migration. If you’re not currently using a Deltek product, Full Sail Partners can help your firm determine if DPS is right for you!

 Deltek for Professional Services | DPS

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Full Sail Partners’ Blackbox Connector for Concur and Deltek Vision is Now Available in the Concur App Center

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on Mon, Sep 11, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Blackbox Connector for Concur

Full Sail Partners is pleased to announce that the Blackbox Connector for Concur and Deltek Vision is now available in the Concur App Center. The Blackbox Connector for Concur and Deltek Vision provides Concur clients who use Deltek Vision with a solution to more effectively manage project expenses with near real-time exchange of data between these two industry leaders, allowing bi-directional synchronization of projects, work breakdown structure, employees and completed expense reports.

“We selected Concur because they are the best in class for expense reporting both for end-user simplicity, as well as the breadth of customization and options for the accounting staff. We are excited to have our Blackbox Connector available in the Concur App Center. This will allow our clients to marry the elegant user interface of Concur and the power of Vision to reduce their time spent on submitting expense reports, and provide more control and visibility on spend for the company,” said Tanya Drake, Director of Add-on Technology for Full Sail Partners.

Concur is the world’s leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services and solutions. Offering apps with streamlined integration with Concur Travel, Expense and Invoice products, the Concur App Center delivers innovative functionality in key categories such as finance, regulatory compliance, enterprise identity, traveler productivity, travel management and much more. For more information, visit https://www.concur.com/app-center.

Additionally, having completed training by Concur on Concur methodologies, Full Sail Partners is now a Customer Success Partner with Concur. As a Customer Success Partner, Full Sail Partners is now better equipped with insider information and deep product knowledge so you can spend less time setting up Concur and more time enjoying faster deployments and greater returns on your Concur investment.

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department. 

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Lindsay Diven Joins Full Sail Partners to Strengthen Consulting Services

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on Thu, Sep 07, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Lindsay Diven Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Platinum Partner and Client Feedback Tool Premier Partner, is pleased to announce the addition of Lindsay Diven, CPSM to the consulting services team. Lindsay has joined the firm as a senior Deltek Vision CRM consultant. In this position, she will work with clients to implement Deltek Vision’s CRM, Custom Proposal, and SF330 modules, as well as the Client Feedback Tool.

Lindsay comes to Full Sail Partners with 12 years of marketing and business development experience in the AE field. Using Deltek Vision, Lindsay has worked with both marketing and business development teams to implement business strategies and manage client data in pursuit of increasing sales opportunities and win rates. Additionally, her active involvement both with the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and the Deltek Vision Central Florida Users Group ensures Lindsay keeps a pulse on the AE industry.

 “My prior experience as a marketing and business development director and a Deltek CRM client will help me bring an insider’s approach,” said Lindsay. “I’m excited to work closely with our clients to implement Deltek CRM in a way that strengthens their marketing and business development efforts.”

The Full Sail Partners’ CRM consultant acts as a trusted advisor for all clients. This consultant focuses on evaluating the client's existing software solution to develop a training strategy that is unique to each client experience. In this role, Lindsay will leverage her knowledge to ensure our clients continue to be successful long into the future.  

"When asked who would be an ideal candidate to be a CRM consultant, a hand full of names came to mind," stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Marketing & Sales. "Amazingly the stars aligned and I am ecstatic to have Lindsay join the Full Sail Partners’ team. A strong Deltek CRM expert, demonstrated leader in the industry, and overall marketing and business development guru, our clients will gain an outstanding consultant in Lindsay to help grow their business."

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department.

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Mixing Business with Fun at Deltek Insight 2017

Posted by Amy Balassone on Wed, Sep 06, 2017 @ 12:41 PM

Deltek Insight 2017 Celebrating 10 YearsDeltek Insight 2017 is fast approaching­! Have you made your plans to go? This year it will be in Nashville, Tennessee from October 23rd to 26th at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. If you aren’t yet convinced of why you should attend Deltek Insight, here’s a look at some reasons to make it worth your while.

Sessions With Deltek Vision Experts

Deltek Vision can do more than most can even imagine. At Insight, there are numerous breakout sessions with Vision experts where you can learn tips and tricks that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Sessions are provided for Deltek Vision users of all skill levels from the novice to the expert Vision user. Sessions offer continuing education, provided by Vision experts, geared to increase your knowledge and ability to utilize Vision successfully.

Full Sail Partners will have several of its own experts on-site leading sessions. Rana Blair will demonstrate capabilities available to on-the-go project managers by displaying how iAccess can help more effectively monitor projects. If concerned with the challenge of recruiting top talent, you can join Sarah Gonnella as she shows how you can improve your HR effectiveness by deploying marketing tactics. Check out the whole list of Full Sail Partners’ led sessions here.

Network With Other Deltek Vision Users

Insight is the largest gathering of Deltek users. Attending Insight you will have many opportunities to network with Vision users from around the world. You will be able to talk with others in your industry about common user issues. In these pleasant interactions, you may be given answers to problems you have encountered, or you may be able to provide feedback that you acquired in using Vision.

Mixing Business With Fun

Deltek Insight begins with a huge welcome reception giving attendees the ability to mingle while learning more about the planned events for Insight 2017. Attendees will enjoy delectable hors d’oeuvres provided by Deltek. The welcome reception is a great time for you to stop by our booth and see what we are doing to improve our customer experiences and help you get the most out of Vision.

Insight 2017 also marks its 10th anniversary. At the Celebrate Insight event on the last night of the conference, LoCash will take the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Attendees are never disappointed with the way that Deltek closes the action-packed week of networking and education. Between the food/dessert buffets and entertainment, this Insight event is sure to please.

Register Now for Deltek Insight 2017

It should be pretty obvious now that Deltek Insight provides great benefit to you and your firm. From the networking to the learning experiences to the fun, it is worth the effort to attend.

 Deltek Insight 2017

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