Moving from Reactive to Proactive Selling Using CRM

A Workshop for Deltek CRM Users 

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Building and maintaining client relationships is one of the most important components for growing your professional services firm. Client Relationship Management (CRM) is the business philosophy that allows you to know your clients better, share information more thoroughly, and interact more completely. This can only be achieved through the integration of people, business processes and use of technologies.

With the advancement of software technologies, like Deltek, firms can facilitate better client interactions and greater understanding about clients; thus, helping firms build better competitive advantages.

This workshop provides a sound introduction to Deltek CRM, a comprehensive understanding of configuring the system to work for your firm, and useful reporting metrics for agile decision making.

Workshop Objectives

At the workshop’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Deltek CRM as well as be able to configure to meet firm’s specific needs.
  • Define processes and strategies that will help better define and manage client, contact and partner touch-points.
  • Identify meaningful metrics and learn how to report on them.

More than Just a Workshop  

Bonus #1: Workshop Workbook

All participants will receive a workbook to not only implement what they learned at the workshop but enhance their use of Deltek CRM. This workbook includes the following valuable information:

  • Discussion Starters – This is a series of questions to get your firm thinking about CRM and how to leverage Deltek for those efforts. These questions may also help prioritize the work effort for this initiative.
  • Readiness Checklists – A series of checklists for each CRM info center to get your CRM initiative ready to go.
  • Best Practices – This section includes ideas and best practices for reports, workflows, dashboards, etc. You can use these ideas to brainstorm with your team to enhance your Deltek CRM.
  • Top 10 CRM Tips & Tricks – Following David Letterman’s famous Top Ten, we count down the top 10 tips and tricks for Deltek CRM developed by our CRM expert consultants.
  • Preparing for the Future: Vantagepoint – Information and checklists on how to prepare your current Deltek CRM for the move to Vantagepoint.

Bonus #2: One-on-One Virtual CRM Review

Participants who register during the early bird registration phase will receive the opportunity to meet one-on-one for one hour with the workshop facilitator. In this virtual review, the CRM Consultant will answer any of your specific Deltek CRM questions.

The virtual session will be scheduled within the two weeks following the CRM Workshop.

Assumptions & Requirements

Full Sail Partners makes the following assumptions about the participating firms:

  • Deltek CRM is licensed and is the CRM software chosen by your firm.
  • Participants have the basic understanding of your firm’s business development, marketing, and proposals processes including where the appropriate information is coming from.
  • For best results, firm attendees would include someone who is leading the CRM strategy and someone who is responsible for implementing the strategy.

Get the complete workshop agenda here!