How Can Deltek Vision Benefit Project Management?

Deltek Vision success-enables the management team with tools that help them to be proactive and guide day-to-day decision to bring projects in on time and on budget. It lays the framework to ensure consistent project execution across the entire team to:

  • Provide instant access to project metrics and performance data
  • Help put the right people on the right projects
  • Optimize staff utilization to ensure higher levels of profitability

Instantly Accessible Data
Deltek Vision puts up-the-minute information regarding project budgets, resource utilization, spent-to-date, billed to date, estimate to complete, outstanding AR, and project profitability at the manager’s fingertips from anywhere, anytime. Important reports, metrics and project alerts can be displayed in role based or custom dashboards ensuring easy access to the most critical project information.

Resource Allocation
Deltek Vision affords instant visibility into resource commitments across your entire organization so that you know you who is available and when with the skills needed to satisfy project technical requirements. It will help maximize staff utilization for greater profitability.

Integrated Tool Set
Deltek Vision integrates all critical business processes for the project-focused firm into one database. Time, expense, cost, billing, and AR data is captured by Vision and made instantly available for use by the Resource Planning module and Vision’s reports, metrics, and alerts.