Webinar: Kona - Communication and Collaboration Tool

View Full Sail Partners' past Webinar:  Kona - Communication and Collaboration Tool. Brian LaMee, Director of Product Marketing at Deltek, unveils Kona, a new collaboration tool.

The 2012 SMPS (The Society for Professional Marketing Services) Technology Committee survey revealed that the top 3 technology topics professional services, marketing and business developers would like more information on are communication tools, customer relationship management systems, and collaboration tools. The results of this study are probably not surprising. People are on the go and are collaborating with multiple groups in different locations at a fast pace. We have demands from work, family, and other organizations to keep track of. The key ingredient needed is effective communication and collaboration.   

Social media allows people to connect and communicate, but the missing piece is still collaboration and organization to get things done. Join us as we Kona, a new collaboration tool, is looking to tackle this issue. Kona is an online space for any group to privately connect, organize, discuss, and get things done together. The tool is beneficial for anyone involved with multiple groups like, project teams, volunteer organizations, membership clubs and even family events.  Kona keeps track of tasks and discussions each person is responsible for across all spaces in one personalized place. The current tool was developed by Deltek and is in beta.  Kona is FREE and available through the internet and also has a mobile app. 

In this FREE interactive workshop Brian LaMee the Director of Product Marketing at Deltek will unveil this new product. During this webinar you will learn:

  • Purpose of Kona 
  • How the tool applies to you
  • Practical applications