Deltek Customer Care: Get Ready for Year-End!

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Year-End Resources Available

It is that time of the year and Deltek Customer Care is working to assist you with year-end activities. You can now take advantage of these year-end resources:

Year-End Forums
Deltek Vision has a dedicated board for Year-End Questions. Access the Deltek Customer Care Forums and connect with your peers to ask questions, exchange ideas and share knowledge about Year-End.

Phone Menu
For complex questions, call Customer Care at 1-877-HLP-PROJ with your questions. At the voice prompts, simply select your product's year-end option to get to a Subject Matter Expert immediately.

Year-End Info Center
This is your one-stop shop for easy access to all year-end related knowledge base articles, videos and special offerings during year-end.

Quick Chat
Access Quick Chat for quick questions regarding Year-End. Chat hours are available Monday - Friday from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM ET.

Tips & Tricks
View year-end tips and tricks articles and an on-demand webinars.

Additional Year-End Guides and Videos

All Year-End Guides, documents and Frequently Asked Questions are available. To access this year-end information, visit the Year-End Info Center on the Deltek Customer Care Connect website. There you'll find valuable information with step-by-step instructions for closing your year-end.

Our recorded training videos are also available. These free informational year-end videos will be available for downloading and viewing 24/7 on-demand. The training sessions will cover topics such as how to conduct year-end closing for general ledger, accounts payable and payroll, how to troubleshoot issues that arise during the year-end close process, and frequently asked questions. To access these assets, visit the Year-End Info Center on the Deltek Customer Care Connect website.


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