The 40th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study - Produced in Collaboration with ACEC, ACEC Canada and SMPS


Each year, Deltek releases one of the world’s most sought-after A&E research reports, solidifying Deltek’s position as the leader in industry knowledge. This year, with a comprehensive outlook of how today’s A&E firms are performing—along with industry-specific insight regarding the most profitable trends of tomorrow—Deltek’s Clarity A&E Industry Study doesn’t disappoint.

The results are in! The Clarity A&E Industry Study is the oldest and longest-running study of its kind and the 40th annual edition details A&E firm financial performance in 2018. Produced in collaboration with ACEC, ACEC Canada and SMPS, the Study draws on over 250,000 data points provided by 386 US and Canadian firms of every shape and size.

Download the complimentary Study for in-depth analysis of participants’ financial condition and market outlook, including:

  •  Operating Profit
  •  Utilization Rate
  •  Net Labor Multiplier
  •  Net Revenue Per Employee
  •  Staff growth rates
  •  Current ratio
  •  Backlog
  •  Other key financial metrics

We’ll also detail the highest performing firms that participated in the Study. Distinguished by having a Net Labor Multiplier of 3.0 or higher and an Operating Profit rate of 15% or higher, we’ll show how these firms are successful!