Transition Hosting

Get a complete roadmap to make the switch to Vantagepoint with strategic and seamless strategies for your entire team.

Upgrade and Enhance Your System’s Functionality

Plan and prepare for your transition with dexterity.
Incorporate new features into your existing processes.
Receive guidance to flawlessly migrate your data and staff.

We’ll teach the way you need to learn:


Get direction on technical requirements

Review necessary assets to maximize potential, strategize deployment options, and identify the solutions you need.

Try existing processes in a new test environment

Take the latest features for a spin using your existing data in a safe environment and revise your practices to boost functionality.

Gain critical insight from our consultants

Develop an understanding of how to best execute daily business practices with your system’s newest features and settings.

An upgrade shouldn’t be stressful. Our consultants will pilot you through it.

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Essential Technical Specs

We’re driven by the goal of helping our clients better themselves. When you’re ready to make the jump to Deltek Vantagepoint from legacy Deltek programs, we’re ready to share our experience to make that transition a simple one. We’ll help you incorporate Deltek’s most recent enhancements into your existing processes to amplify what it is you do best.

Full Sail Partners’ tech gurus will give your firm the foundational support to ensure a smooth transition. We will:

  • Review the latest hardware requirements designed to maximize Microsoft's latest operating system and SQL version
  • Strategize deployment options to transition Deltek legacy software and prior versions of Vision to Vision 7.6
  • Identify server solutions and customized reporting needs
  • Map out the steps to transition to Vantagepoint

We’ll work hard to prevent any technical complications and eliminate logistics headaches that could make your transition a challenge.

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From Vision to Vantagepoint

With an eye towards the future of Deltek’s enterprise resource planning tools, we’ll help Deltek Vision users plan their transition to Vantagepoint as Vision becomes the legacy system.

Deltek Vantagepoint is the same great product you love with all the power of Vision, but with a fresh, modern interface and an entire hose of new features and functionalities.
It’s just like Vision, only much, much better.

Depending on which iteration of Deltek Vision you’re running, your transition may take a unique path. Most transitions from one iteration of Vision to the next Vision and cannot be installed side-by-side.
Each needs its own environment to be installed and tested. We’ll ensure you have the proper support in place, like Microsoft’s latest operating system and SQL server.

Our experts will conduct a thorough review of your existing hardware specification against Deltek's most recent capability and performance recommendations to make your transition as trouble-free as possible.

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