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Full Sail Partners Recognized with the 2023 Deltek Reseller Partner of the Year Award

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on March 25, 2024
Full Sail Partners has been recognized with another honor confirming its distinction of being a leading Deltek partner. 

Full Sail Partners is thrilled to announce that it has been chosen by Deltek as the 2023 Reseller Partner of the Year. As in previous years, receiving this year’s award just confirms again our focus on being a leading Deltek Partner providing software and solutions for project-based and professional services firms. Our crew is consistently dedicated to exemplifying professionalism with the utmost level of integrity and commitment to clients as we work with them to get the most out of their Deltek systems. 

A core tenet of our culture at Full Sail Partners is to ensure our clients feel that they are having their needs understood and are truly being listened to by our crew. Moreover, we continuously look for opportunities to collaborate with Deltek in our efforts to give clients access to the best resources available, particularly as many are making the transition to Vantagepoint. As always, we strive for excellence and innovation in our services, delivering top-notch solutions to our clients. 

“Empowering our employees with care and support is the cornerstone of our success at Full Sail Partners. As Reseller of the Year, we believe that by nurturing our team, they in turn nurture our clients, fostering relationships built on trust, dedication, and excellence,” stated Sarah Gonnella, VP of Sales and Marketing. “In the end, we want to be a trusted resource for our clients, one that they can come back to again and again.” 

“The success of Deltek’s industry-leading software and solutions wouldn’t be possible without incredible partners on our side enthusiastically amplifying our vision. We’re excited to recognize the best of the best from the Deltek Partner Network,” said Michael Hines, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances at Deltek. “We’re grateful that Full Sail Partners is a part of Deltek Project Nation, working with us every day to ensure customers get the most out of Deltek’s solutions to help power their project-based businesses. Congratulations on a wonderful 2023, and we’re looking forward to achieving more great things in 2024.” 

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department.










Full Sail Partners Welcomes Nia Collins to Outsourced Accounting Team

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on March 19, 2024
Nia’s comprehensive accounting and finance experience incorporating the A&E industry lends itself to add value for the Outsourced Accounting team. 
Nia Collins

With the Outsourced Accounting team at Full Sail Partners continuing to grow, Nia Collins has joined the firm as a Staff Outsourced Accountant. Adding Nia to the team allows Full Sail Partners to service even more clients who need accounting support. Additionally, in her new role as an outsourced accountant, she will coordinate with the consulting team to ensure clients have the best practices and processes in place to optimize their Deltek offering. 

“We are very pleased to have Nia join our Outsourced Accounting team,” noted Wendy Gustafson, General Manager. “She has both the perfect mix of accounting experience and the capability to really connect with clients to make sure they are getting what they need from us and their Deltek system.” 

Nia comes to Full Sail Partners with over fifteen years of accounting and finance experience including within both architecture and engineering (A&E) professional services firms. During her extensive career, she has worked in Accounts Receivable, Project Accounting, Business Services, and Finance roles. Moreover, having direct knowledge of the workings of the A&E industry, Nia well understands the specific needs of Full Sail Partners’ Outsourced Accounting clients. 

A true professional with a willingness to go the extra mile for clients, Nia is an excellent addition to the Outsourced Accounting Team. Not only will she bring the strength of her A&E accounting and finance background to the team, but she will also bring a solid and dependable outsourced accounting resource for those clients who need one. Adding another qualified Staff Outsourced Accountant will ensure that Full Sail Partners can continue to provide the best available outsourced accounting services.  

“Outside of Nia's professional experience, she exhibits a personable manner that will put clients at ease. She helps make the interaction between the client and Full Sail Partners a gratifying experience. She provides the experience and the relational exchange everyone desires from their accounting services provider,” stated Dale Busbey, Principal Outsourced Consultant. 

For more information, please get in touch with Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department.










Matt Hirsch Returns to Full Sail Partners as Principal Data Solutions Consultant

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on February 27, 2024
Matt Hirsch brings experience both as a consultant and Deltek user to his new role with Full Sail Partners 
Matt Hirsch 2024 rev

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is happy to announce that Matt Hirsch has returned to the consulting team as a Principal Data Solutions Consultant. The numbers of mergers and acquisitions in the A&E space continue at a steady pace, and in his role, he will be focusing on data migrations for firms. In addition, Matt will be available to provide custom solutions to clients including helping with stored procedures, custom reports, workflows, and invoices. 

“Coming back to Full Sail Partners as a Principal Data Consultant is a great way to return to the consulting world. I look forward to taking my experience both as a Deltek user and as a consultant to help clients ensure that their projects can be run as efficiently as possible with their Deltek systems,” stated Matt Hirsch. 

Matt previously worked with Full Sail Partners as a Senior Consultant for almost ten years before leaving to head up a technology team at an engineering firm that utilized Deltek Vision. Now he has returned to Full Sail Partners with an abundance of knowledge from the client side and understands client needs from that perspective. With both consulting and Deltek user experience, Matt is set up to tackle data migrations head-on and be a resource for other custom needs. 

“Matt has a plethora of experience in the Deltek space both on the user side and consulting side. With this extensive experience from both ends, he brings additional insight to the Full Sail Partners’ consulting team. Furthermore, given Matt’s understanding of Deltek products from these different perspectives, he has a unique view when helping determine the best solutions for client needs,” said Scott Seal, Vice President of Consulting.   

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department.










Kim Stamps is Promoted to Account Manager with Full Sail Partners

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on January 16, 2024
Kim brings her client nurturing skills to a new level with her promotion to account manager. 
Kim Stamps - headshot

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is excited to announce that Kim Stamps has been promoted to account manager. Over the next year, she will be mentored by our existing account management team to learn the Full Sail Partners’ way of managing accounts. With her caring and focused approach to assisting clients, Kim is an excellent fit for an account manager role. 

“I cannot wait to learn and grow in the role of account manager,” stated Kim Stamps. “Learning how to help my own clients and having the knowledge and ability to better nurture and support them has been and will continue to be the number one priority for me.” 

Since March of 2022, Kim has been working as a business development representative with our business development team. In this previous position, she has already shown an instinctive ability to personally connect with clients and really try to understand their needs. During her tenure, clients have consistently provided positive feedback that they appreciated the more frequent outreaches and Kim’s nurturing nature.  

In 2024, Full Sail Partners continues with our commitment to excellent client service and building partnerships with our clients. Kim’s promotion to account manager is the next phase in our team’s growth to ensure we have enough account managers to manage our growing client base. This new role for Kim will enable us to reach out to our clients more often to understand how we can better serve them. Additionally, it offers us an opportunity to connect with more contacts at our client firms to gain a deeper perspective. 

“Kim's promotion to account manager is a testament to her exceptional ability to nurture relationships and understand the unique needs of our clients. Her innate talent for empathy and connection will undoubtedly allow us to gain deeper insights and forge stronger bonds with the individuals we serve, ultimately empowering us to enhance our commitment to their satisfaction and success” noted Sarah Gonnella, Partner, VP of Marketing & Sales. 

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department.  










Joel Slater Joins Full Sail Partners as Client Solutions Manager

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on December 06, 2023
In a newly created position, Joel Slater spearheads Blackbox Connector sales and partner relationships. 
Joel Slater 1 rev

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is pleased to announce Joel Slater has returned to the firm as Client Solutions Manager. In this new position, Joel will head up Blackbox Connector sales and partner relationships guiding existing clients that are looking to expand their capabilities beyond Deltek Vantagepoint. Joel’s sales acumen, in-depth Deltek knowledge, understanding of Full Sail Partners' business, and experience with multiple Blackbox Connector products made him a perfect fit for this new role. 

“Like a boomerang, the return of a former employee to our company brings a powerful message that demonstrates the ties that bind us are stronger than the journey that took them away,” stated Sarah Gonnella, Partner, VP of Marketing & Sales. “Everyone on our team is ecstatic and has embraced the return of Joel. It is a testament to our culture and the lasting connections we foster together as a team. Joel is a true professional and our clients and Blackbox Connector team will all benefit greatly.” 

Joel had previously served as Product Sales Manager for over five years with Full Sail Partners. As Clients Solutions Manager, he will be able to leverage his vast Deltek product knowledge to assist existing Deltek clients in realizing business value and getting the best possible return on their Deltek software investment. This includes working with strategic clients to help facilitate priorities and identify tools, resources, products, and services to help improve efficiency, streamline processes, and increase profits for clients.   

“Returning to Full Sail Partners in my new role as Client Solutions Manager feels like coming home," noted Joel Slater.  “I’m thrilled to be back working alongside our talented team and serving our valued clients.” 

In Joel’s new role as Client Solutions Manager, clients will benefit from a consummate professional who has our company culture and perspective of looking out for the client’s best interest. Not only does he understand how the Blackbox Connector can help maintain consistency between systems and streamline firm processes, but he can also partner closely with clients to evaluate future Blackbox Connectors that would provide even more solutions. 

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department. 










Bridging Product Excellence with Customer Insight: New Leadership Announced for Informer Advisory Council (IAC)

Posted by Lindsay Diven on October 10, 2023
IAC_Social Post-05In a move highlighting the symbiotic nature of their collaboration, Full Sail Partners and Entrinsik jointly unveil the appointment of Wendy Gustafson, General Manager at Full Sail Partners, and Madhavi W. Chandra, Chief Product Officer at Entrinsik, as co-chairs of the Informer Advisory Council (IAC). This partnership will enable Entrinsik to gain a richer insight into the customer voice and needs through Gustafson's expertise. Simultaneously, Chandra's leadership will facilitate the infusion of Entrinsik's vision and best practice workflows directly into the Council's initiatives.

About the IAC

The IAC is a collaborative platform where a small group of selected customers and partners work closely with Entrinsik to guide the future of the Informer platform. Council members receive exclusive early access to new features and enhancements, enabling them to provide direct feedback and influence the product's development.

Chandra explained, “The IAC was established more than four years ago with a mission to create a mutually beneficial platform between us and our clients. The IAC is an intimate and exclusive community, and we are thrilled to progress to the next stage by appointing an external co-chair to collaborate alongside me. Wendy, who has been a dedicated IAC member for years and possesses comprehensive knowledge of Informer, is the ideal candidate. I am looking forward to working alongside her!”

Driving Competitive Advantage Through Early Access

The collaborative leadership in the IAC, uniting Full Sail Partners and Entrinsik, represents a landmark progression not only for project-based businesses and professional services firms but for the entire Entrinsik customer base. By blending the product voice of Entrinsik with the customer voice of Full Sail Partners, we are creating a synergistic avenue for product enhancement. 

Gustafson’s co-chair position epitomizes this synergy, allowing Full Sail Partners to mold the direction and capabilities of Entrinsik's Informer platform in alignment with the broader needs of all stakeholders. This partnership offers clients—across all sectors—the privilege to preview, test, and shape features prior to their widespread launch, granting them an analytical edge in their decision-making processes.

Gustafson remarked, "I am honored to take on the co-chair role for the IAC. This allows for close collaboration with fellow council members to foster strategic relationships and facilitate domain-specific expertise. We aim to complement Entrinsik's ongoing efforts in delivering systems that meet diverse user needs."

Accelerating Client-Driven Innovation

This partnership represents a symbiotic union, leveraging the collective expertise of both Full Sail Partners and Entrinsik. In this relationship, Entrinsik gains unparalleled access to the authentic customer voice through joint leadership, enriching its understanding of user needs and aspirations. Conversely, Full Sail Partners benefits from Entrinsik's vision, absorbing best practices and advanced workflow methodologies that can be integrated into the field via the Council. 

The Informer platform thus evolves at a faster pace, with new client-driven features being informed by real-world feedback. Early access to these features by the IAC members offers a practical advantage: Entrinsik can observe these functionalities in action, refine them based on actual use, and ensure optimal performance and relevance before a wider rollout. In this dynamic ecosystem, every insight, feedback, and innovation contributes to a product that's both technologically advanced and deeply aligned with user requirements.

Tailoring Technology Strategies for Professional Services

The participation in IAC’s activities allows for an in-depth interaction with the new features, ensuring that they are tailored to meet the specific demands of professional services firms. With direct insight to Informer’s development priorities and roadmaps, Full Sail Partners can help clients plan their technology strategies more effectively. This will lead to better integrated systems that not only meet but exceed the diverse requirements of project management, financial reporting, and other critical business processes.

About Full Sail Partners

Connecting thousands of project-based firms, Full Sail Partners identifies critical resources to create fast, efficient, and cohesive companies. As a Deltek Premier Partner and creator of the Blackbox Connector, our team helps professional services firms fully integrate their business processes by connecting their front end and back end systems. We provide technology consulting, business solutions, and application hosting for both Vision and Vantagepoint. Full Sail Partners has received the Deltek Partner of the Year and the Marketing Excellence Award multiple times throughout our firm’s history. Keep Your Business on Course.

For more information, please email Full Sail Partners’ Marketing Communications Department. 

About Entrinsik

Founded in 1984, Entrinsik is a global leader in data analytics and business intelligence solutions. Its flagship product, Informer, empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions by providing self-service data discovery, visualization, and reporting capabilities. Entrinsik serves thousands of clients in various industries, including higher education, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and financial services.

For more information visit:











Experience Elevated Outsourced Accounting Service with Dale Busbey's New Leadership Role

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on September 26, 2023
Dale Busbey 21Dale has taken the Outsourced Accounting Department to the next level, and she will now transition into a management-level role as a natural career progression. 

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is happy to announce the promotion of Dale Busbey to Principal Outsourced Accountant. Dale has been responsible for heading up the new Outsourced Accounting Department for almost a year now as an Accounting Services Specialist. She has been doing the outsourced accounting work itself in addition to growing the client base needing outsourced accounting services.  

As more new clients are reaching out for outsourced accounting services, Dale will be transitioning to a management-level position. Dale’s new role as Principal Outsourced Accountant will not only entail continuing to grow the client base but also maintenance of client needs plus employee supervision. Dale, already known for her excellent customer service skills, will take her knowledge of outsourced accounting and train others in her department to provide the same level of service. 

“Dale’s willingness and ability to listen to clients and find solutions that will help them is her greatest strength.  It has been a natural career progression for Dale to transition to this management position, and we are super excited,” stated Wendy Gustafson, General Manager. 

Before taking on the lead to spearhead the new Outsourced Accounting Department, Dale served for many years as an Account Manager for Full Sail Partners. She has quite a track record for developing and nurturing relationships with clients in addition to solving client issues. In her new role, her ability to listen and adapt will serve clients well in the Outsourced Accounting environment. 

“I am really looking forward to my new management role with the Outsourced Accounting Department,” noted Dale Busbey. “Not only will I be able to continue to work with clients in an area that I enjoy, but I will also be available to help others in the department learn how to be the best resource for clients when it comes to outsourced accounting issues.” 

With so much experience in the Deltek landscape as it pertains to clients in general, Dale continues to use her knowledge to help them with outsourced accounting needs as Principal Outsourced Accountant. This niche service already allows clients to free up time so they can focus on their own core businesses. To further benefit clients, Dale will be sharing her tools with the rest of her team enabling more points of contact for problem solving in the outsourced accounting arena. 

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department or visit the Full Sail Partners’ website at    










Full Sail Partners Promotes its Summer Interns

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on September 12, 2023
Aria and Dany_Social Feature copyFormer summer interns, Aria Bounds and Dany Blanovschi, now bring fresh talent to the Full Sail Partners Technology team on a permanent basis.

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is thrilled to announce that it has promoted both of its summer interns to permanent positions with the firm.  Aria Bounds has officially joined the Full Sail Partners’ development team, overseen by Pete Nuffer, Director of Solution Development, and Dany Blanovschi has joined the IT side of the firm under the tutelage of Heath Harris, IT Services Support Manager. Aria will be working on a part-time basis until she completes her Computer Science degree in December, and then will transition to full-time hours. Dany has already begun a full-time role. 

Aria’s new role with Full Sail Partners is as a Staff.Net Developer, and Dany’s role is as a Staff IT Consultant. Both interns began in early summer and have really blossomed in their areas of interest. Aria’s inquisitive nature and motivation for finding solutions to client needs using the Blackbox Connector offering have been remarkable. Furthermore, Dany’s positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning about Deltek Vantagepoint and all of its intricacies really stood out during his internship. 

“We are always looking for bright minds and both of our summer interns have surpassed our expectations,” noted Wes Renfroe, VP of Technology. “We are so thrilled to have fresh insight and such passion for their respective areas and cannot wait to see what the future holds for both the Development and IT teams.” 

Bringing both interns on permanently at the same time allows for all aspects of our Technology team to be given a boost in support and problem-solving capabilities. With even more resources, both the Development and IT sides of the Technology team will have the ability to increase client support and offer even more timely follow-up and solutions. Serendipitously, being able to onboard these two young talents right from internship, has been such a boon for Full Sail Partners. They are great additions to the crew as the firm trailblazes the future of technology. 

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department or visit the Full Sail Partners’ website at    










Nick Genade Has Been Promoted to Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with Full Sail Partners

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on August 29, 2023
Nick’s dedication to the overall quality of applications with Blackbox Connector paves the way for a promotion. 

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is excited to announce the promotion of Nick Genade to Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer with the development team. He has already proven himself a quality assurance professional and dedicated to the field with over ten years of extensive experience in the IT industry. With this promotion, Nick has been tasked with developing and implementing comprehensive test plans, test strategies, and test approaches for .NET applications hosted in Azure, considering factors such as application architecture, business requirements, testing objectives, and risk assessment.  

“As Senior QA Engineer, Nick is ready to progress even further with his management of quality assurance testing utilizing his prior knowledge of the development of and issues pertaining to the Blackbox Connector solution,” noted Pete Nuffer, Director of Solution Development. 

Previously working as a QA Engineer for the Full Sail Partners’ Development team for over seven years, Nick is very focused on code being to a certain standard when it comes to the Blackbox Connector environment. Due to his demonstrated expertise in testing .NET applications hosted in Azure, his strong technical skills, and his contributions to the overall quality of the application through effective planning, design, execution, and analysis of testing efforts, he is well suited for this promotion. Furthermore, Nick’s leadership and mentorship of junior team members make him a key player in the further development of Full Sail Partners’ innovative efforts. 

With Nick’s promotion to Senior QA Engineer, he will have even more opportunities to discover, determine, and implement the best testing strategies which will lead to even better results. Thus, there will now be even more enhanced user experience and reliability. For the current and future clients that utilize the Blackbox Connector solutions, they will benefit greatly from Nick’s new role. 

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department or visit the Full Sail Partners’ website at    










Full Sail Partners Promotes Heath Harris to IT Services Support Manager

Posted by Jennifer Renfroe on August 22, 2023
With an exceptional background in the A/E/C Industry of over twenty-five years, Heath is perfectly suited for his new role as IT Services Support Manager. 
Heath Harris 21-1

Full Sail Partners, a Deltek Premier Partner, is happy to announce that Heath Harris has been promoted from Principal IT Consultant to IT Services Support Manager. This new role was specifically created with Heath in mind as a natural extension of his noteworthy IT career. With his extensive knowledge of Deltek ERP and its inner workings, Heath is the best resource for training new IT staff and ensuring IT services are managed with the same continuous level of excellence. 

“Heath is the epitome of an expert when it comes to managing IT services for the A/E/C industry specifically involving Deltek ERP such as Vantagepoint,” stated Wes Renfroe, VP of Technology. “Promoting Heath to this new role as IT Services Support Manager is a natural progression of his career expanding his professionalism from managing services to managing the complicated processes and staff who provide these services to ensure Full Sail Partners continues to provide exceptional support for current and future clients.” 

As a respected Deltek partner known for client excellence, Full Sail Partners continues to be sought after to support client needs when it comes to IT Services. With more tickets, more manpower has become a necessity to ensure a successful client experience. Heath has already proven himself to be a master when it comes to performing Deltek Vantagepoint installations, upgrades and customization for small to medium sized professional services firms. Now he will be training new IT staff with his knowledge and offering even more clients to be served efficiently. 

For more information, please contact Full Sail Partners’ Marketing and Communications Department or visit the Full Sail Partners’ website at    










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