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Extend the benefits of Deltek Vantagepoint’s fully-loaded system to your entire organization with virtual and on-demand support.

Empower and Embolden Your Whole Team

Curate hyper-focused learning objectives and meet desired training goals.
Reduce downtime and boost cost savings with online support when you need it most.
Make an investment in your enterprise solution with intuitive, train-the-trainer strategies.

We’ll teach the way you need to learn:


Train one person, a few, or your entire company

With virtual and in-person learning environments, get guidance for everyone that needs it up front, and guidance when you’re stuck.

Meet all your needs, timelines, and objectives

Define the training programs you need most and cater your organization’s learning experience to your specific goals.
Adopt industry best practices

Adopt industry best practices

Get a customized training plan that’s been carefully developed to meet the needs of your market and the way your company does business.

From basic application understanding to in-depth knowledge of Vantagepoint’s most intricate features, we’ll be there for it all.

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"CT Consultants has engaged Full Sail Partners on numerous occasions to provide training on a variety of features that are available in Vantagepoint. Before conducting any training, Full Sail Partners asked the right questions to know how we could tailor the training session. The training sessions have been highly beneficial for presenting our financial leadership team with new system features and an understanding of how the new features can be used by CT to provide a lift to CT’s operations.

Throughout the past two years, CT Consultants has been able to advance the utilization of Vantagepoint. With Full Sail Partners’ help, we have seen many improvements to our general operations in implementing the new features."

Matt Gingrich

Leader Finance & IT, CT Consultants, Inc.

Free Educational Opportunities for All

Whenever you implement a new enterprise resource planning tool, there’s bound to be some kind of learning curve, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. In addition to our private, custom training programs, Full Sail Partners offers a variety of other learning opportunities with our ERP consultants. It’s like having a quick tutoring session at no cost to you.

These resources are available for your perusal with just the click of a button:

Make the most of your ERP investment.
Start taking full advantage of your Deltek software capabilities.

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