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Deltek Vision User GroupUser Group Virtual/Local Events

Full Sail Partners conducts virtual user group meetings to help our clients learn more about Deltek Vision. We encourage you to contact your local representative to meet and network locally while viewing our virtual presentation as a group. Below is our schedule and a list of local user group leaders in your area.

Events and Conferences

In-person Deltek CRM Workshops!

January 23rd - 24th | Morrissey Goodale Southeast States M&A Symposium

January 30th - February 1st | SMPS Pacific Regional Conference*

January 30th - February 1st | SMPS Southern Regional Conference 

March 18th - 20th | SMPS Southeast Regional Conference

April 3rd - 5th | SMPS Missouri Valley Regional Conference*

May 1st - 3rd | SMPS Northeast Regional Conference* 

May 16th | Deltek A&E Industry Days - New York City, NY

May 20th - 22nd | Client Experience Conference (CXPS 2019)

May 22nd | Deltek A&E Industry Days - Portland, OR 

May 29th - 31st | SMPS Heartland Regional Conference* 

June 12th | Deltek A&E Industry Days - Chicago, IL

June 12th - 13th | Morrissey Goodale Western States M&A Symposium 

July 23rd - 24th | PSMJ RecruitMAX 

July 31st - August 2nd | SMPS Build Business 

September 16th - 17th | ACEC Finance Forum

September 18th | Deltek A&E Customer Day - Boston Area 

September 18th - 20th | SMPS Southwest Regional Conference 

October 2nd - 4th | PSMJ Thrive*

October 2nd - 4th | ACEC California Annual Strategic Summit and Board Meeting 

November 18th - 21st | Deltek Insight 

*Full Sail Partners may not be attending this conference 

User Group Schedules

All times are at 1pm ET unless noted otherwise. 

Vision Finance & Resource Planning

Date | Topic

January 23rdThings We Love About Deltek Vantagepoint So Far 

March 30th | TBA

May 15th | TBA

August 21st | TBA

October 23rd | TBA

Vision CRM, Custom Proposals, SF330, Kona, Talent, and PIM

Date | Topic

February 27th | Succession Planning 

April 17th | TBA

June 19th | TBA

September 18th | TBA

December 4th | TBA 

User Group Leaders


Atlanta, GA
Pam Barnes
Wakefield & Beasley
Tel: 770.248.2812

Keri D. Savoy
Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, Inc.
Tel: 404.233.5453

Arlene Mohammed
Eberly & Associates, Inc.
Tel: 770.452.7849

Charlotte, NC
Carmen Johnson
O.R. Colan Associates
Tel: 704-944-1393 

Jackson, MS
June Holloway
Waggoner Engineering, Inc.
Tel: 601.355.9526

Orange County, CA
David W. Carr
ECorp Consulting, Inc.
Tel: 916.782.9100

Regina Eise
Thinkwell Group
Tel: 818.333.3444

Nikhila Srirangpatna
Group Delta
Tel: 858.536.1000 

San Diego, CA
Aurora L. Dobyne
Van Dyke Landscape Architects
Tel: 619.294.8484, ext. 12

Santa Rosa, CA
Carol Wischemann
Tel: 707.576.0829


Atlanta, GA
Eric Keens, CPSM
Stevens & Wilkinson, Inc.
Tel: 678.420.3430

Orlando, FL
Lindsay Diven, CPSM
Tel: 321.751.3002 

Anna Skeete
Protean Design Group
Tel: 407.246.0044

Sacramento, CA
Cindy Dalen-Slade
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Tel: 916.859.3623

If you do not see a leader in your area, please visit: or  

Learn. Network. Collaborate.