Managing a CRM System and Beyond!

How many of us struggle with managing our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?
 To increase CRM systems’ adoption, a marketer must think about information that is most beneficial to their business. Easier said than done!  In part of every job there are duties that weren’t covered in school that impact you and your company’s success. Successfully implementing and managing a CRM system is one of those areas that can set you apart from the average marketer and positively impact the growth of your firm. In this session, attendees will learn:

  1. Key Steps to a Successful Implementation
  2. What Data is Important to Maintain
  3. Best Approach to Clean-up Existing Dirty Data
  4. What Data is Critical to the Success of a Firm
  5. Why Finance Should be Your Best Friend and How to Engage Accounting

About the Presenter:

Sarah Gonnella, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Full Sail Partners. Her firm is a Deltek Premier Partner and 2012 Project Excellence Award Winner specializing in business consulting for project-based professional services firms seeking to utilize technology to improve business development and project financial management. A past president of SMPS Atlanta and SMPS Technology Committee member, Sarah is currently serving on SMPS Atlanta’s Executive Advisory Committee and SMPS National’s Business Development Committee. She is a contributor to SMPS’s Marketer and blogger focused on educating firms on CRM best practices, technology trends and processes, as well as, measuring social media and marketing metrics.