What’s New in Vision 7, and Who Cares?

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In 2012 Deltek renewed its commitment to improving the core functionality of the Vision product, updating the technology base on which it is built, and improving the interface for non-Accounting users.  This commitment paired with the new strategy of delivering smaller releases, more frequently has led to a multitude of major enhancements in the software available to all users.  

Perhaps you’re still using Vision 5.x or 6.x and are thinking about upgrading.  Learn about the available features now in Vision, and why getting current can help you address processes and needs that you previously had to address outside of the system.

If you are current on your Vision, checking out the new functionality is probably on your “to-do” list but you don’t know where to start.  This webinar will provide you with a perspective that will allow you to evaluate what unmet needs can be addressed first in your organization.

Learning Objectives

  1. Review changes, by role, in Deltek Vision since the final release of version 6
  2. Learn how to use functionality already available to you, in your current Vision system
  3. Evaluate if upgrading to the newest version of Vision makes sense for your firm
  4. Examine how a feature that seems to be for Persona X also benefits Persona Y 

In this 90-minute seminar, we will detail how the enhancements benefit each persona in your organization.  Throughout the presentation, we will be polling you on your favorite features and which you’d like to see group training on in the near future.

Content in this seminar is geared towards all members of your team: