Introducing Deltek PIM – Email Management Quick Start

Deltek PIMIt’s time to gain control of your email inbox!

Email has become a critical form of business and project communication, but the growing volume means that it is almost impossible to keep on top of. On average, people spend 2-3 hours per day on email-related activity which is a tremendous burden on both their time and your firm’s profitability.

It’s time to gain control of your firm’s critical information and keep teams connected with effective email management. The newly available Deltek PIM – Email Management Quick Start offering empowers your firm to mitigate risk and increase efficiency in as little as two weeks.

Attend to learn the benefits of Deltek PIM Email Management, including: 

  • Powerful, Easy-to-Use Search: Empower users to quickly find key project and business-related emails
  • Multiple Access Points: Access project emails from your Deltek ERP solution, a web browser or through Outlook 
  • No Duplication: Remove duplication by having one central copy of any email
  • Increased Collaboration: One central location for all team members to file and search
  • Repurpose Knowledge: Access vast amounts of knowledge and intelligence, search globally for previously lost information on specific topics
  • Unlimited Storage: No more external requirements, save unlimited emails in Deltek’s AWS Cloud


Jamie Tatler, PIM Sales Representative at Deltek 

Joel Slater, Product Sales Manager at Full Sail Partners