Automate Expense and Invoice Management with Deltek Vantagepoint and SAP Concur


Professional services firms can combine the power of Deltek Vantagepoint and SAP Concur to practically give employees their own personal assistant, while allowing them to focus on core business goals. The Blackbox Connector for Vantagepoint and SAP Concur allows firms to improve efficiency for employees, reduce mistakes and fraud with SAP Concur’s built-in controls and duplication verification, better manage expense processing, expedite approval to payment posting, shorten payment cycles and keep critical files and data in sync.

This mini demonstration will show how the Blackbox Connector automatically synchronizes information from Vantagepoint to/from SAP Concur for both expense reports and invoices.

Watch on demand to see how everyone, from employees to finance, wins with automated travel, expense, invoice management.


Tim Burns, Principal Consultant at Full Sail Partners