How BG Buildingworks Utilized the Deltek Vision Connector for Constant Contact to Sync their Data & Excel Past Industry Benchmarks


The Situation

In an effort to connect their past, present and future Beaudin Ganze Consulting Engineers, Inc. embarked on a rebranding initiative after the last of their original founders retired. This rebranding recognized their evolution from a more traditionally-focused consulting firm into a collective of diverse professionals offering dynamic consulting services as BG Buildingworks, Inc.

One of the most crucial elements of the entire process was to provide a seamless transition for the company’s key constituents. Warranting proper notification of the change, each one of BG Buildingworks’ clients, vendors, and teaming partners needed to be alerted and reassured that the rebranding was primarily a cosmetic change and the firm was maintaining their personnel and technical expertise.

The Challenge - Tackling Disparate Systems

Early on in the planning process, BG Buildingworks’ marketing team realized their contact data lived among disparate systems, making it difficult to capture accurate and important client contact details. Additionally, the team wanted to clean up existing contact records and establish their Deltek Vision CRM system as the company’s master data set. This required a quick and affordable solution that would enable contact records to be synced between Deltek Vision and Constant Contact.

“When I first discovered we had two different systems of information, I thought it was going to be doable, but an arduous process to get the information into one place,” said Karen Crilly, BG Buildingworks’ Director of Marketing & Client Development. “Calculating the commitment of staff to cross-reference and develop one comprehensive list of thousands of contacts would have been incredibly time-consuming and we had a short window to get it all done. Thankfully, after a few conversations with the Blackbox Connector team, we discovered the process could be more manageable utilizing their integration of Deltek Vision and Constant Contact. With lots of moving parts during our rebranding, resolving this one thing was a huge relief.”

The Solution - Establishing a Framework for Success

BG Buildingworks’ worked with the Blackbox Connector team to help establish consistency between their Deltek Vision CRM and Constant Contact systems. Through a series of discovery conversations, the two groups were able to develop a multi-phase action plan that would focus on two primary goals:

  1. Establish Deltek Vision as the master record set. By identifying Deltek Vision CRM as the master record set, the BG Buildingworks team was able to establish a primary set of contacts and leads. These primary contacts could then be compared against existing Constant Contact records to establish an overall list of contact records.
  2. Define a standard for creating targeted mailings and centrally storing campaign results directly in Deltek Vision for marketing reporting purposes.

Establishing a master record set. To establish Deltek Vision as the master record set, the integration team would need to create a connection between BG Buildingworks’ Deltek Vision system and Constant Contact utilizing the Blackbox Connector Wizard. This connection enabled the team to matchup Deltek Vision contacts with their Constant Contact counterpart. Using the Blackbox Connector technology ensured that all contact record data was captured by mapping standard and custom fields across both systems.

Defining a standard and capturing results. The Deltek Vision Constant Contact Connector helped BG Buildingworks establish a marketing campaign framework. The functionality of the connector provided an outline to work within, yet remained flexible enough to integrate with already established company processes and procedures. Utilizing the Blackbox Connector’s Deltek Vision and Constant Contact Connector, BG Buildingworks’ marketing team was able to initiate Constant Contact email campaigns directly from their Deltek Vision Marketing Campaigns Info Center. Once deployed, results from Constant Contact mailers would be compiled back in Deltek Vision to be analyzed individually or as an aggregate campaign.

Integrating Constant Contact and Deltek Vision CRM enabled BG Buildingworks to utilize Deltek Vision’s reporting functionality to track the performance of their marketing campaigns.

The Results - Excelling Beyond Industry Standards

By linking up these two systems, the BG Buildingworks team was able to identify more than 4,000 authentic contacts between their Deltek Vision CRM and Constant Contact systems. Narrowing down the contacts between the two systems, created one accurate distribution list, ensuring broadcast emails were being disseminated to the appropriate target audience. Once the comprehensive list was created, it was time to send out their name change announcement!

As part of their attention to detail and concerted effort to establish a more-refined marketing process, the BG Buildingworks team realized 32.7% open rate on their name change announcement, compared to the industry average of 14.5%.

Crilly sums up the process like this, “Utilizing the Blackbox Connector truly saved us hours upon hours of manual time by automating a connection between two different, previously maintained systems. The Blackbox Connector team was not only accessible throughout the conversion, but extremely helpful to our team as we ventured through this transition. It made this very important benchmark in our company’s history, virtually painless, and helped us build a master database with the most accurate client information available for future marketing campaigns. Blackbox Connector was truly a lifesaver for us!”