Dude, where’s my data? Tips and techniques for maintaining data integrity.

dude_wheres_my_data-01.pngExperience the benefits and power of data quality! Attend this webinar to learn how leading professional services firms are implementing focused data integrity strategies to overcome rapidly evolving technology challenges, improve operational efficiency, and empower and improve business intelligence.

This webinar will review best practices focused around data integrity, including the establishment of a master record set. See how new out of the box tools can be used to promote information synchronicity. Understand how leading firms are leveraging new technologies to enforce data integrity throughout their organization by breaking down siloed information.

Attendees will:

    • Leave with a checklist for key procedural and organizational data integrity strategies
    • See how to leverage tips and tricks for managing column change workflows to maintain data integrity between Deltek Vision Info Centers
    • Gain insight into how to establish and maintain organizational data standards
    • Receive a crash course into new technologies that can be used to support your internal data integrity

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Speaker: Pete Nuffer