Top 5 Marketing Mistakes, And Tips to Avoid Them

TOP 5 MARKETING MISTAKESProfessional Services Firms understand that marketing is a necessity in winning new business, but not everyone does it effectively. We ALL make mistakes. However, learning from those mistakes is what sets some of us apart, so we don’t lose money or waste time.  In this session, attendees will learn the top 5 marketing mistakes made in the Professional Services industry, and the steps they can take to avoid them to improve their marketing effectiveness. (Note: Company names have been redacted to protect the innocent.)

About the Presenter:

Sarah Gonnella, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Full Sail Partners. Her firm is a Deltek Premier Partner and 2012 Project Excellence Award Winner specializing in business consulting for project-based professional services firms seeking to utilize technology to improve business development and project financial management. A past president of SMPS Atlanta and SMPS Technology Committee member, Sarah is currently serving on SMPS Atlanta’s Executive Advisory Committee and SMPS National’s Business Development Committee. She is a contributor to SMPS’s Marketer and blogger focused on educating firms on CRM best practices, technology trends and processes, as well as, measuring social media and marketing metrics.