CRAFTING A MARKETING PLAN | How Marketing & Finance Can Team Up for Greater Results

patterson gustafson

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A Webinar Co-presentation by VisionEdge Marketing and Full Sail Partners.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

— Michael Jordan 

To optimize the impact of your marketing plans, Marketing and Finance have to work as a team. In this information-packed webinar, Laura Patterson, president and founder of VisionEdge Marketing, will share best practices from the marketing perspective, helping you:

  • Understand the common disconnects between Marketing and Finance — and how to fix them
  • Follow proven strategies for effective collaboration on marketing plans that deliver business value
  • Know the 'magic' financial words & numbers to use in a marketing plan to win executive buy-in 
Meanwhile, Wendy Gustafson, general manager and controller at Full Sail Partners, will approach the topic from the finance direction. She’ll share proven advice and tactics to help you:
  • Select the most relevant metrics to boost marketing plan measurability
  • Import budget data from spreadsheets into Deltek Vision
  • Utilize analytics from Deltek Vision to create more detailed and credible marketing plans 
If you want to improve the impact of your firm’s marketing plans, you can’t afford to miss this webinar!