Building a Better AE Firm: 5 Ways to Improve Cashflow

The average collection period for an A&E firm is 76 days. This is 10 days longer than the collection time 10 years ago.* What impact would reducing your firm’s collection time have on your organization?  

Join Deltek and AEC Management Solutions for a complimentary webinar detailing five steps to improving cash flow.  You’ll learn from Herb Cannon, an expert on A&E firm management:

  1. Why collections is a process - not an event
  2. Techniques for invoicing quickly and accurately
  3. Terms and conditions to include in your proposals and contracts
  4. Strategies for developing high-level relationships with your clients that increase your chances of quick payment
  5. How to follow-up with your clients to ensure prompt payment

* Source: 35th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study