Building a Strong Project Management Culture in Your Firm: The 3 Pillars of PM Excellence

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Most A&E professionals spend 4 to 8+ years learning about design (or other professional discipline), followed by required continuing education and licensing. While technical and design expertise is at the core of every firm, project management is too. After all, successful projects are the only way a firm can make money and satisfy clients. This can impact staff retention as well.

Principals, practice directors and project managers should register for this free webinar to help develop what we call a “Strong Project Management Culture". You will learn about the 3 pillars of project management excellence:

  1. Building strong and effective project managers
  2. Creating an environment that enables them to be successful
  3. Instilling accountability across the organization

This free webinar is based on Deltek and PSMJ Resources’ more than 70 years combined experience in helping A&E firms manage their projects effectively. Utilize the framework, best practices and real-world examples to instill project management excellence in your firm.

As an added benefit, you’ll also have an opportunity to have your questions answered by Deltek’s Bob Stalilonis and Dave Burstein, PE, Director of Client Services at PSMJ Resources.