Webinar: GROWING SMARTER | Core Growth Strategies & Metrics for Professional Services Firms

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How is it that some professional services firms consistently outgrow their competitors? In this presentation, you’ll learn about the fundamental growth strategies used by top performing firms. Andrew Dietz, president of Creative Growth Group, will discuss his company’s findings about these strategies, and explain how to:  

Build infrastructure for sustained growth
  • Drive new business with relationship and content marketing
  • Move from capable vendor to transformational advisor   

This presentation will provide a review of recent survey results regarding high-growth professional services firms. Joining Mr. Dietz will be Sarah Gonnella, from Full Sail Partners, who will share a variety of useful insights, including:  

  • Case stories of three Full Sail clients and the technology they used to drive growth
  • Proven guidelines for establishing goals and measurements
  • The 7 most effective metrics for tracking growth     

If you’re seeking better ways to accelerate your firm’s growth, you can’t afford to miss this presentation!