Webinar: Get the Work Done! Tackling Project Management to Improve the Bottom Line

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Let's face it, we are managing projects every day. Whether simple or complex, project-based firms need to understand how to build, refine, and improve their project management process. Regardless of the role you play at your firm, understanding project management best practices can make the difference in meeting client expectations and completing a project on time and on budget. Learning how to manage these projects is critical to supporting the company’s overall goals. 

A recent study by Deltek quantified an observation that might seem intuitive: Professional services firms that improve productivity and streamline processes experience a higher profit. Even more surprising, the study exposed overhead and utilization rates were the same for high performing firms and those that were not high performing. The discrepancy was a result of high performing firms refining their project lifecycle to improve efficiencies and develop company standards.

Can your firm benefit from improving your project management processes?    

Join this free training tutorial as Gina Abudi and Brian McNamara co-present on project management best practices and utilizing technology to get the work done. Ms. Abudi will focus on four major phases of managing a project and discuss key delivery steps. Mr. McNamara will build upon these best practices to demonstrate how your firm can gain visibility to ensure projects are profitable. 

About the Webinar Presenters:

Gina Abudi

With more than 20 years consulting experience, Gina Abudi, is co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Best Practices for Small Business.  She was honored as one of the Power 50 from PMI® – one of the 50 most influential executives in project management, working to move the profession forward.  Owner of Abudi Consulting, Gina assists firm with project and process management, strategic planning for small businesses, business impact and ROI, management/leadership, and development of strategic learning and training programs. 

Brian McNamara 

With more than 20 years' experience as a professional software consultant, Brian draws on his technical background to help professional service firms determine the right automation design for their ERP systems.  With a  thorough understanding of the entire project lifecycle, Brian provides guidance so management teams can increase efficiency and gain real-time visibility throughout the firm’s operations.  Brian approaches each client with a tailored solution that exactly fits the client’s needs requiring a delicate balance of cost considerations and innovating, problem solving to get the job done.