Ready-to-Use Informer Dashboards for Business Development Professionals   

Staying ahead demands real-time, precise, and actionable insights is imperative for business development. That’s why the Blackbox Connector seamlessly integrates Deltek Vantagepoint data into the Informer BI tool, offering a suite of Ready-to-Use Dashboards tailored for business development professionals. This mini-demo will explore the capabilities and advantages of our essential dashboards such as:


Pipeline Analysis

Gain a detailed overview of your open pursuit pipeline, including the number of open pursuits, the total pipeline value, and the largest open pursuits. Easily track your progress and identify opportunities to enhance your pipeline strategy, ensuring you are always on top of your game!


Revenue Performance vs Goals

Stay ahead of your revenue targets with real-time performance tracking. This dashboard allows you to monitor your revenue sold against your revenue goals, providing clear visibility into your performance and understand where you stand at any given moment.


Win Rate Analysis

Optimize your business development efforts with the hit rate analysis feature. This tool helps you evaluate your success rate by analyzing closed pursuits versus total pursuits. Identify patterns and trends in your wins and losses to refine your strategies and increase your overall win rate.


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Timothy Burns, Principal Consultant at Full Sail Partners  



HR Thought Leadership_Webinar                     30mins

Blackbox Connector       30-Minutes


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