Ready-to-Use Informer Dashboards for Employee Self-Service and Effective Team Management 

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At the heart of effective organization lies the strength of its employees and teams. With our pre-configured dashboards using our Blackbox Connector for Informer, managers gain immediate access to critical data points and metrics, enabling them to streamline team performance, enhance employee engagement, and drive organizational success. 

Presented by Tim Burns, Principal Consultant, this mini demo will guide you through our out-of-the-box Employee and Team Management dashboards including: 

  • Empower Employees: Your employees can get instant access to essential personnel details, monitor "Rolling 12-Month Utilization" to align actual performance with targets, and efficiently manage "Open Timesheets" and "Absence Requests" to ensure team productivity. 
  • Team Management: Uncover the power of visual data to balance "Total Revenue vs. Revenue in Trouble," compare "Direct Hours vs. Expected Direct Hours," and set new benchmarks with "Opportunities Sold vs. Goal." Our dashboard brings to light "Top 5 Employees in Utilization Trouble" and highlights "Project Managers with the Most Projects with Issues," empowering leaders to make strategic decisions and foster a culture of accountability and growth. 

Informer Dashboards powered with your Deltek Vantagepoint data allow your team to make informed decisions effortlessly, enhancing productivity and outcomes. And, with our Blackbox Connector for Informer, you get pre-configured datasets and ready-to-use dashboards like the Employee and Team Management dashboards, so you can bypass the hassle of starting from scratch. 


HR Thought Leadership_Webinar                     30mins

Blackbox Connector       30-Minutes




Tim Burns, BI Developer/Principal Consultant at Full Sail Partners