Ready-to-Use Informer Dashboards for Project Managers and Financial Management  

In today's dynamic environment of project and financial management, staying ahead demands real-time, precise, and actionable insights. Our Blackbox Connector seamlessly integrates Deltek Vantagepoint data into the Informer BI tool, offering a suite of Ready-to-Use Dashboards tailored for project managers and financial executives. This mini-demo will explore the capabilities and advantages of two essential dashboards: 

Project Management Dashboard: 

  • Customized for Project Managers: Get an overview of the pipeline, backlog, revenue, and AR balance for projects you’re responsible for. 
  • Project Prioritization: Identify the top 10 projects requiring immediate attention, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently. 
  • Opportunity Analysis: Assess opportunities by probability, enabling better forecasting and strategic planning. 

Financial Management Dashboard: 

  • Designed for Executives/Principals: Gain insights into profit by profit centers, total net revenue, new profit, and critical financial metrics such as labor multipliers, total utilization, and the revenue factor. 
  • Accounts Receivable Overview: View total AR and clients with open AR, including the percentage past due, to improve cash flow management and decision-making. 

This mini demo is ideal for project managers seeking to enhance project oversight and executives/principals looking for a detailed financial analysis to drive profitability and operational efficiency. Whether you’re looking to refine project strategies or sharpen financial management, these dashboards offer the tools you need to succeed. 

Join us on Wednesday, April 24 at 1pm ET to unlock the full potential of your projects and financial oversight with our Blackbox Connector for Informer.  




Timothy Burns, Principal Consultant at Full Sail Partners  



HR Thought Leadership_Webinar                     30mins

Blackbox Connector       30-Minutes


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