Webinar: Power of Feedback - Quality-Driven Relationships

Explore a metric-driven methodology to systematically improve professional relationships and interactions in project-driven environment. Feedback reveals success criteria from others' perspectives, giving a more complete picture of mutual success.  The tools and techniques presented come from seven years of research with project-delivery organizations, and demonstrate how to reduce "client" problems by 83%.

Covered topics include:

  • Engaging the right people in the feedback cycle - why the people doing the work should be the ones asking
  • Operating feedback at the right time - continuous improvement versus the "post-mortem"
  • Crafting perfect questions - how to focus on the services process, not the person or the product
  • Answer scales - a technique for increasing usable data 500% (measuring expectations rather than satisfaction)
  • Response rates - avoiding burnout and driving 50% + participation
  • Using feedback to drive value - why feedback shouldn't be just about finding problems
  • The most critical (and most overlooked) step - following up to turn feedback into action

The over-riding principal is to realize that feedback is always about the person giving it, and therefore the feedback should be designed specifically for the benefit of the person providing the feedback.