Navigational Analysis

Have you ever said to yourself, I wish I:Quote MDD Rising

  1. Knew how our system matches up to others in the industry;
  2. Could streamline or automate our process in Vision; or
  3. Could get information out that relates to our business objectives/goals

 …BUT you don’t want to sign a full-blown proposal before you even know what is needed. Then a navigational analysis is a great option for your firm to consider.

During your implementation, you and your consultant may have discussed ideas or processes that you never implemented. Maybe you have new staff members, or with the new changes in Vision 7.6, you are curious about how it can help make things more efficient?

So, what exactly is a navigational analysis, what does it involve, and why would you want to have one?

A navigational analysis is simply an evaluation of your current system and processes. This four-step process includes:

  1. Preliminary Conversation - An initial conversation is conducted to identify the primary area(s) of concern that need improvement.
  2. Team Identification - Based on the information gathered in that conversation, we will send you a general consulting agreement for your approval.  A questionnaire will also be sent to gather preliminary information about your processes. Key team members from both sides will be identified and a discovery/evaluation meeting will be set.
  3. Discovery/Evaluation - All key team members will meet for a discovery/evaluation meeting. Your consultant will ask strategic questions and review your system to better understand your current processes, your team’s knowledge of the system, and potential areas of improvement. During the assessment, the consultant will advise you of things they see that could be improved, provide insight on industry standards, and answer quick questions that might be troubling you. Your top three goals will be identified.
  4. Action Plan - After the meeting, the consultant will then outline an action plan for your team based on the agreed upon goals.

The overall process typically takes about two to six hours for each area of concern.

Sound like a good option for your firm?   

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