Powering Project Success with Deltek Vantagepoint – Streamline AP Approvals with ICR Technology

Full Sail Partners is excited to present an exclusive mini-demo showcasing the latest enhancements in Deltek Vantagepoint’s Accounts Payable (AP) Invoice Approvals. In this Mini-Demo our expert, Jenny Labranche, will highlight how Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology can quickly streamline your AP process by significantly reducing manual data entry and increasing efficiency. 

Watch the mini-demo to see how to fully leverage the new ICR capabilities for AP entry and approvals including: 

  • Streamlined AP Invoice File Uploads: See how the new preview pane enhances the management of multiple files within the same AP Invoice, providing a streamlined and efficient workflow. 

  • Editable Invoice Amount Field: Understand how ICR auto-populates the Invoice Amount field, ensuring it matches the total amount in the Project Information grid, and how discrepancies are flagged for your attention. 

  • Adjustable Right Pane: Explore the convenience of the PDF preview pane in the Transaction Center, allowing you to review and edit invoices and project information simultaneously. 

  • Centralized AP Approvals: See how project managers and finance teams can seamlessly review, approve, or decline AP invoices directly within the system, ensuring a smooth and efficient approval process. 

Join us to explore ways to enhance your Accounts Payable process with the latest in ICR technology. Register now to secure your spot and take your AP efficiency to the next level! 

Vantagepoint_Mini-Demonstration                 30mins 

Mini-Demo               15-minute demo,
                                    15-minute Q&A






Jenny Labranche, Senior Finance Consultant 




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