Whitepaper: Why are CRMs So Important?

crm whitepaper

In a simpler time, the General Store was the hub of the town’s mercantile and all local information. When a person would come in to the store, the owner would pull out a large ledger chock full of the person’s past purchases meticulously detailed in their account. Also, there would be little notes like “son, Tommy, broke arm,” or “mother sick.” From this, the owner could make purchasing and financial decisions for his store and could also share those personal details with the right people in the community, like the local doctor for example. That personal and past buying information would also be used to show the buyer that the mercantile knew and cared about him - it engendered loyalty and mutual respect.


Those days are not behind us. While the actual ledger has gone the way of the General Store as an important record of our past, its purpose is not only still alive but extremely important to business owners today. That ledger book is now today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – indicating buying decisions, working toward financial conclusions, and sharing data with departments and partners around the world.  

In this whitepaper we address how although the modern CRM system is technologically superior to the old-school ledger, its purpose is absolutely the same – to engender customer loyalty and mutual respect.