Whitepaper: Client Feedback Tool - Don't Wait 'Till It's Too Late!

Client Feedback Tool

While the value of client feedback is generally not debated, with each passing year, it becomes exponentially more and more important. We are seeing evidence of this every day. For example, how many websites do you open where “client survey” popups take center stage on every web page? How many calls from customer survey representatives do we get regularly? How many pieces of mail do we receive begging us to complete surveys?

Yes, today we all know gathering client feedback is critically important. But how do we collect it? What’s the most efficient way to gather client feedback – especially when you’re a professional services firm? How often do you gather feedback? Most importantly, don’t forget the all-important final question: What do you do when you get their feedback? The answers to these and other questions are the subject of this discussion.

Gathering and acting on feedback from your customers is at the very foundation of your firm’s success. You expend valuable energy honing your services to your clients, so why not make absolutely sure that what you’re offering is what they’re needing. Using a client feedback tool to gather your clients’ value of those services is the cornerstone to ensuring that. And be prepared – both to hear the “good, the bad and the ugly” as well as to respond immediately. Your firm’s very life depends on it. The customer experience to be as positive, interactive, and available as possible giving everyone an inviting “come back for more” experience.