Whitepaper: Bridging the Generational Gap with Social Collaboration

Knowledge Sharing 1

The mainstream media has beaten Human Resources (HR) over the head with the idea that today’s generational gap in the workplace is a negative influence on business. Most conversations focus on the generational gap and its potentially damaging effect on the workplace. 

The fact is we do have the most generations represented within the workplace in modern history. Technology has allowed professionals to enter the workplace at an earlier age and exit well beyond the historical retirement point.

This whitepaper hopes to change the direction of the conversation regarding generational gaps. We have identified common misconceptions that are often presented as hurdles, but are truly opportunities. Rather than focusing on negative stereotypes as we hope to focus on the values and perspectives each generation can contribute to today’s world of social collaboration in the workplace.

This whitepaper will:

  • Identify common generational misconceptions
  • Define the levels of knowledge sharing, and how they apply to your business
  • Review emerging studies that highlight the value and benefits of social collaboration in the workplace
  • Offer guidance to HR and talent management professionals on how to improve organizational culture and communication by focusing on and leveraging these common traits