HR Consulting

Consultative services to support the entire employee lifecycle

The Workplace has Changed, Is Your Firm Ready?

Whether you need extra support for your very-busy in-house HR team or
need specific expertise when you don't have a dedicated HR department, we can help.
Depend on us for the customized HR solutions you need, so
you can focus on what you do best - delivering world-class projects. 


Our HR consultants can provide:

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Acquisition & Onboarding

Review and recommendations for every part of your hiring process from the job description to ensuring the first impression is memorable. 

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Employee Relations

Assist with employee conflict management, employee engagement strategies, and other employee concerns.

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Performance Management

Set up or fine-tune a performance management system including goal setting, assessment, feedback, corrective action and performance reviews.

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Career Planning

Assess needs, goals, priorities, and performance to determine training and development needs. Then create the plans to achieve those career goals.

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Training & Development

Define the training programs you need most and cater your organization’s learning experience to your specific goals.

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Leadership Development

Identify areas of opportunity related to people and processes through in-depth interviews.

Ensure your firm is equipped with the right people in the place and a culture that attracts and retains top talent.  

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"In our collaboration with Full Sail Partners, we've been able to redefine our HR processes and the HR experience for our employees. In terms of training and consulting, Full Sail Partners' knowledge, collaboration, and attention to detail are unmatched.

I have personally been enriched by their proactive approach to answering questions and their ability to enlighten us on intricate HR processes and compliance matters. Full Sail Partners has helped us elevate our talent acquisition and retention strategy, reinforcing our confidence in our HR processes and enabling us to significantly expand our team with ease and efficiency."

Thomas H. Powers

Executive Vice-President, DB Sterlin Consultants, Inc.

Thought Leadership from Human Resources Experts

Maybe you just need a little information to get you started or to learn what others are doing in the industry. Full Sail Partners offers a variety of other learning opportunities with our HR consultants. It’s like having a quick tutoring session at no cost to you.

These resources are available for your perusal with just the click of a button:

  • HR Consulting Expert Webinars: These webinars are succinct, informative, and actionable, and they’re stockpiled with invaluable insight to help you grow your people.
  • In-Depth Articles: These articles will provide industry insight and technical know-how when it comes to HR.


Make the most of your best resources - your people.

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