Driving Growth with Digital Marketing eLearning Series

Driving Growth with Digital Marketing  

The A/E/C industry has often been slow compared to other industries when adopting new marketing trends. But in 2020 with the global pandemic, A/E/C firms were propelled to rapidly make changes to their marketing programs, including shifting resources to digital marketing.

In fact, according to a 2021 study of A/E/C firms conducted by Hinge Marketing, high-growth firms are generating 50% of their leads from digital sources. These digital sources include websites, email, social media, and digital advertising. Also, high-growth firms are increasing their marketing budgets and dedicating almost 27% of their revenues to marketing efforts.

Knowing this, Full Sail Partners has developed the Driving Growth with Digital Marketing series. In this series, marketers and principals will learn how to develop the right digital marketing program for their firms. Topics covered in this series include:

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